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  2. Hi Ian, may I suggest you post this up on the Maricat Facebook page. I think you will have a better chance someone will respond. I don’t think catsailor gets viewed that often anymore. Good luck!
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  4. I have (very generoulsly) been given an old well used Maricat. I wonder if anyone can date it for me please. It has the hull and topside shaped together unlike other Maricats I have seen with the black jointing cover. It has the traveller separate to the back beam. It has unusual rudders. It is withour mast stays and I wonder how long they need to be? Thank you for any help you may offer.
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  6. Registration is now open .. The Countdown is on and the Bash is four weeks away.
  7. That's good to hear... the Hobie 14 is still a fast / slick design - albeit not as nice as a Windy or Mari to sail... and definitely less forgiving for the average sailor. IMHO, the reason for the poor sales of Windrush 14 is that Windrush Yachts is focused heavily on the F18 - and sees the W14 as a distraction... and frankly the page that describes the W14 is old and unexciting... a real shame for a fantastic design / cool cat that still holds up against the newer designs.. For a better representation - look at my page - and if u wanna get the boat above the car and off the street - ch
  8. The Long stay visa Spain allows people from outside the EU to travel for a maximum period of 12 months and for various purposes: visit, study, work or both. We tell you all the requirements to travel to Spain with this visa
  9. Hi are you still looking for a Status check your pm cheers
  10. https://www.hyc.net.au/events/73643/?fbclid=IwAR3YVVX0jzVZrKycvxJoLygLFOPmlkrAJwbUvU1if-0Ti0Yuace0RW8PpDQ The Sixth annual Humpybong Yacht Club Winterbash is set for 7 & 8 august this year and HYC is getting a lot of interest sd word spread .. If you want a fantastic weekend of top class sailing register now to assist with catering and logistics.
  11. Sunstate Hobie put up a pic and story on Facebook of a new Hobie 14 going to a keen Gold Coast owner.. When asked they said they've sold nine new H14s in the past year.. So there is some interest in the class and if those numbers continue you would expect there may be a return to good numbers in club cat fleets. How many new Maricats and Windrush were bought in recent years? https://www.facebook.com/sunstatehobie/photos/pcb.3983115731775162/3983115275108541
  12. Hi all, We've got a similar problem that presented itself whilst we were out on the water! The bolt rope is pulling out of the bow and stern aluminium track. This wouldn't be so much of an issue except that the perpendicular edge and bolt rope is run through its own track that does not have widened allowances to slip the bolt rope out and those tracks (the ones that the jib cars run on) are pop riveted into place. (see photos). Not sure exactly how they managed to get the tramp pieces in there in the first place but but without a "widened" part in the tracks that run front to
  13. I have a Stingray mast and cross beam, main and jib, 3 rudders if anyone is after spares?
  14. I have ronstan track and cars, think that is what's on early 16s, $30. 0243591729 or 0450295341. Darcy
  15. Hi all im doing up a old Hobie 16 early 80s model. would anyone have a jib and jib traveller cars for sale? Cheers Mick
  16. I'm looking for someone that may want to part with a Status 580 in reasonable to good condition! Preferably in NSW, and with a trailer but all possibilities considered. Thanks
  17. At least a ping pong one can`t be used for that
  18. I just use ronstan pintles (similar to what is bolted to the transom) with 1" space, riveted to tiller inside face, then Rods idea for crossbar adjustment. The crossbar ends have to be rounded so they don't bind. Fit hem to the crossbar first, to get best alignment with tillers.
  19. Looks light for tomorrow, no rain and comfortable temp (25c), Bit of interest from the Taipans for next sat (15/05) Mick Coalcliffe, Dave Young, Pete Goldie (Mari 5m) Ethan McCaulliffe. Any others, 14, 16. F18 ?
  20. Great day for the first race of the series, 12 monos and 2 cats, handicap start over 45 minutes (55 next week for the F18), 5-10 kts variable, plenty of sunshine. Hope to see more cats turn up next week. Clock start count down at 1215. Cat rig 14s off at 1300 hrs approx, F18s at 1315 hrs.
  21. https://www.flickr.com/photos/71049198@N08/51144630104/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/71049198@N08/51143854906/in/dateposted-public/
  22. Cats, dinghies, trailables, keelboats. Handicap start. fixed marks, clock starts at 1pm. ph or email Darcy for details. 0243591729, darcy.w@bigpond.com
  23. For Iron Cove there are two boat ramps at Rodd Point at the Sailing Club. There is grass area and sandy beach to set up or come in on. However, you have to lower trailer by hand on the two ramps, also the park gate can be locked so someone from the club has to be there to sail there. The other three places are Five Dock Boat Ramp but that is pretty busy with speed boats but has a beach; then a quite spot is Wymston Parade Boat Ramp has a beach but is effected by tides so be prepared to use a roller if the tide is out. The last place is Drummoyne Yacht Club has a beach and steep ramp but I have
  24. See TSC site or F/book for NOR.
  25. The regatta is now just a month away. Lady sailors from mixed crews who want to attend the Womens and Girls regatta are invited to register with details on their intention to sail as a skipper or crew so that Humpybong can compile a roster or list so that those positions on boats can be filled to get as many craft on the water as possible.
  26. Hi There, Looking to find plans to build quick cat catarmaran, any help appreciated. John McGrath
  27. Hi, Re the Quickcat catarmaran is is still for sale ??? after such a long time, or do you have a copy of the plans / contact where to purchase, keen to look at the option of building one as had great fun as a teenager sailing friends boat. John McGrath
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