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  2. Most recently 6th at 2021/22 Hervey Bay “Not the Nationals” including 4th, 3rd and 1st in the last three races in a fleet of 15. Asking $11,720 ex Brisbane / Gold or Sunshine Coast, on trailer. Neg. Will consider assisting with interstate delivery. Much loved, immaculately maintained, all upgrades performed. Complete boat ready to race, just add water. Owners trading up. Details: Nacra 5.8 Sail # 1663. Nacra 10:1 tapered mainsheet Foam battens Adjustable forestay turnbuckle Adjustable sidestay Bluewave fittings Pro grip on hulls Adjustable jib luff Rudde
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  4. I had a Hobie turbo with a built up front mast step casting (about 7mm added) - it was the rage in the 1980s - I would not do it again because the back of the mast hits the mast step casting anyway and sometimes locks. Would be easier to get a later mast step casting and a new rivet gun.
  5. We're putting them in on Tuesday so will take some photos for you.
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  7. Photos of your outhaul when you have a chance would be great thanks. It does have a couple of holes where I assume the halyard cleat was, I've ordered another one. Regarding bigger Jib/mast rake, more speed/power is always great but I have an A class for that & the windy is to get my mate into sailing on a budget and to take places and conditions unsuitable for the delicate A. Probably not worth nthe expense for a new jib. I had a maricat with modern mast rake & original sails. Wild on a reach in a strong breeze but not much upwind pointing ability. I've re-swaged the sidestays on the
  8. We have one proper outhaul and one that is just tied on to the casting - the latter actually being a tack casting that has been put on the clew end of the boom! I can take some photos in the next week or two if you like. All the W14 masts I have seen definitely have a jam cleat near the top, has it broken off? Getting a second-hand new style jib will probably be a challenge, we certainly haven't been able to buy second-hand for love or money. Be aware that the newer jibs are designed for a mast that is raked further back, we have converted one of our Mark Is to Mark II-style rigging
  9. Nice one, thanks Darcy. I'll see how she goes with my home outhaul & standard old jib.
  10. The Windy jib is much shorter in the foot than Mari and Hobi, add a cleat for the halyard (they were originally tied of at the horn cleats, bottom of mast), mast suitable for trap, all race sails loose footed, there is a different boom end/outhaul available.
  11. Ahoy there sailors, I've just bought an old Windrush 14 (sail 2808) and have a few questions. There was no outhaul. Does anyone have an image of a rigged W14 outhaul I could duplicate. In the mean time I've added a couple of pulleys and the redundant vang as an outhaul. Also the main is slotted into the boom? Is this recommended? Or is loose footed better? The mast top is missing a cleat for the halyard. The halyard has ferrule that I assume gets cleated on the front of the mast near the top. Is there a different mast used for super sloop or is the old standard one ok to trap w
  12. Hi. I'm after some good condition sails for my Mari. Mostly need a main but interested in getting a jib also Let me know if you have anything. I'm in NZ so will need them shipped. Cheers
  13. Hi Existing rollers are punctured and axle rusted etc. thanks
  14. Nacra 17 MKII Available! 2019. Beautifully maintained MK2 foiling configuration with z-foils Lines, parts upgraded. Foils in excellent condition. Ready-to-go with full set up More sails and parts can be bought if interested.
  15. Nacra 17 MKII Available! 2019. Beautifully maintained MK2 foiling configuration with z-foils Lines, parts upgraded. Foils in excellent condition. Ready-to-go with full set up More sails and parts can be bought if interested. Located in Miami, Florida, USA $16,800
  16. My Hobie 14 was built in South Africa in the early 1980 it has a number stamped on the starboard aft post 2063 Original sail number 35991 Now with updated sail and jib
  17. Hi Darcy, just wondering if these W14 tramps are still available? Thanks
  18. Any chance this is still for sale or re-sale?
  19. There were actually 3 “Thuggery” hydra’s, all owned by the same guy (Jeff K).
  20. Anyone selling a Stingray in good condition? Ideally within a day or so drive of NSW 2480.
  21. Hi everyone, located in Newcastle, but will try anywhere, looking for some Beach Wheels, Rollers or Cat Hauler to help me move my Cat into the water from the trailer. Bit old, need all the help I can get. Cat hasn't been in the water since I brought it earlier this year.
  22. Hi Gregted We will be rigging ours in the morning so I can send you some photos if you would like. Is there something specific you are having trouble with? Your first photo is a Windrush 12 but the second one is a 14. I've put a photo of the backstay attachments. The 12s have an unusual mainsheet setup which I have included a photo of too - you can see it in your photo too.
  23. Hi all, I bought a Surfcat 12 a few years ago and my son is showing an interest in sailing now so I would like to set it up and share some time on the water with him. I have downloaded the Windrush14 manual but some of the rigging is different than mine. Does anyone have some detailed pics of the rigging of these cats please? I have found these 2 pics but they are both different. The all white one is the closest to mine in that the tramp bolts onto the floats but the pic is not as detailed as i need. Any help appreciated..
  24. Hi im looking to buy an old elwoodjunior junior Sailed one in my youth I would love to know of anyone who has one that wants to sell
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