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  2. Cats, dinghies, trailables, keelboats. Handicap start. fixed marks, clock starts at 1pm. ph or email Darcy for details. 0243591729, darcy.w@bigpond.com
  3. For Iron Cove there are two boat ramps at Rodd Point at the Sailing Club. There is grass area and sandy beach to set up or come in on. However, you have to lower trailer by hand on the two ramps, also the park gate can be locked so someone from the club has to be there to sail there. The other three places are Five Dock Boat Ramp but that is pretty busy with speed boats but has a beach; then a quite spot is Wymston Parade Boat Ramp has a beach but is effected by tides so be prepared to use a roller if the tide is out. The last place is Drummoyne Yacht Club has a beach and steep ramp but I have
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  5. The regatta is now just a month away. Lady sailors from mixed crews who want to attend the Womens and Girls regatta are invited to register with details on their intention to sail as a skipper or crew so that Humpybong can compile a roster or list so that those positions on boats can be filled to get as many craft on the water as possible.
  6. Hi There, Looking to find plans to build quick cat catarmaran, any help appreciated. John McGrath
  7. Hi, Re the Quickcat catarmaran is is still for sale ??? after such a long time, or do you have a copy of the plans / contact where to purchase, keen to look at the option of building one as had great fun as a teenager sailing friends boat. John McGrath
  8. Thanks Darcy1945. I was going to offer in that range. At least now I know that it wouldn't be a rude offer!
  9. $300/$1000, depending on condition of sails and tramp.
  10. Hey people! Need some advice about buying a used cat. Have been wanting to learn to sail and tried scouring the local area for anyone who would part with a beach cat at a reasonable price. I found, in just one local area, has nearly 10 cats of various sizes mostly abandoned on the dunes, subject to the whim of the elements. However, no owner is inclined to part with them. Only had one reply, that is this hydra 16 seen in the attached pictures. The owner, just up the coast won't state what he wants for it, I expect he is also fishing for a price! Trailer is untowable at moment, flat t
  11. Good to know mate 🤙 thanks. That's the next mission to find out 😆
  12. Not a Maricat but may be a Buffalo. Quite rare here in Tasmania.
  13. Oh wow ok there ya go 😝 we didn't worry about what it is, didn't even think to ask. We were just keen to learn sailing which we did now we can catch up with the rest lol.
  14. That does not look like a Maricat. Can you post a wider angle picture.
  15. Tena koutou katoa, my name is Kingi, I'm based in Pukekohe NZ. I recently bought a Maricat 4.3 for myself and 2 young boys to learn sailing. After 2 good sailing trips i have the back corner screws (holding the tramp to the hulls) come out probably due to age of cat and my weight. Now the hulls fill with water through the screw holes. I'm super brand new to this whole sailing thing and looking for any advice around how I could repair it or maybe who to see. Any feedback would be appreciated 🤙
  16. REposting here as was on 14ft section. Apologies as I know there's a lot of posts on this subject but i cant find the info I'm after. I have a H14 turbo that I'm doing up with a number on the transom 5307 on both hulls. Wondering what these numbers mean please. I think the boat is from 1985-94 but hoping these numbers will clear that up? Thank you Jez
  17. Went to the Aluminum shop they had some 28mm tube hardened grade cut it up and this weekend "anerneled it ?" and while it was hot gave it a gental bend till I got the same as my old tiller arms now honed the rudding castings to fit the new tube and shortended to suite
  18. Maybe originally, but mine has nuts- no alloy plate (yeah most of my other caper cats had the plate).
  19. Hi i have a lot of stingray parts available for free Mast rudders beams sails beams boom daggers etc
  20. Moved to Hobie section. Cant work out how to delete this post sorry
  21. The Brisbane Cat Centre hold the mold and the licence to built Maricats. About 25 have been built in the last 15 years. The most recent was about two years ago. A number of people also bought just hulls and put them under their existing rigs.
  22. Can anyone advise when was the last maricat built, and are anymore being built or are Nacra's the go to boat in recent years?
  23. As far as I know there are 2 different traveller setups on a maricat. The older version has a swivel cleat attached to the traveller (the bit with wheels that slides across the rear beam). The newer version has a separate swivel cleat mounted to the front of the rear beam. With both versions the rope runs through the swivel cleat, back through the traveller (between the 2 wheels) and ties off through a saddle under the rear beam at the centre. The free end is the traveller sheet. This is used to set the traveller position on the rear beam by locking the rope in the swivel cleat at the chosen
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