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  1. Batemans Bay Regatta - April 25th and 26th 2015. Check out BBSC website for Notice of Race URL http://bbsc.org.au/bbr15
  2. Josh, You are going to love it, I mean really love it. Soon you will be looking for a Taipan 4.9. Orgasmic. Rob
  3. Yardstick has been adjusted,so if any other Nacra 14 sq's are out there, come on down. We are going to make this Regatta as easy as possible for people, no stress, a good time is the aim. There is no Fast food near this lake, but there will be lots of good food and beverages available on site. Welcome to all Dingies and Catamarans, look forward to seeing you there. Bridgehugger.
  4. The Coila Regatta at Tuross Heads Southern NSW is back on . After a break whilst waiting for the Shire Council to repair the white ant eaten Club house/ community centre, we are going to commence our Sailing Regatta on the 2nd and 3rd of November. In the past we have had dingies but mainly Catamarans but all are welcome. I don't think the Coila Lake would be suitable for trailer sailors however. There is plenty of room to camp at the site or if you like a caravan park is close by. A free Gas BBQ is on site if you don't like our food. Plenty of room to set up your boats, with lots of help if n
  5. Bridgehugger Yep, raining like hell down here at the moment but the weekend looks like a beauty. Looks like plenty of catamarans this year, all of the above will be there. Batemans Bay have 5 .9 Taipans, most of them will be there. There are 5 maricats, they will be there. Hobie Tiger, Hobie 18, and various others. 99 boats last year in the regatta. Water is still 22degrees, great regatta before the winter arrives. Can pitch a tent at the clubhouse Hanging Rock sports centre. If I can help with local knowledge. Rob 44712831 or 0401762915. Be there. Cheers Rob
  6. Don't forget the Batemans Bay Regatta this weekend, see you there. This Regatta has been going for over 30 years and still going strong The weather is promising, at this stage.
  7. Just a reminder that Batemans Bay sailing club is having their annual Anzac day regatta this weekend 9th and 10th April 2011. It has been brought forward so as not to clash with the Easter acomodation. There will be a separate start for the 14ft Catamarans this year because of the expected turnout of that size Catamarans. The weather is promising to be good and after over thirty years this regatta is still going strong. Hope to see yoiu there.
  8. Batemans Bay Regatta. Just confirming what Rodney has already posted. I have just been to the BBSC commitee meeting and there will definately be a separate start for the 14ft Catamarans at this Anzac Regatta 9th and 10th April 2011. If it is a success then it will become the norm. Good luck to all, see you there. Cheers from the Bridgehugger.
  9. Yeah, I've got a Maricat Mk11, Green in colour, has an unregistered trailer, Jib and main sail. Good Tramp. I am at Batemans Bay NSW. Price $1950 Phone Rob 0244712831
  10. Yeeha! Am I allowed to compete? I have a Taipan 4.9. Maybe able to get some more interest if you like. Cheers Rob
  11. Give it a break Poor old Sevenseas. We looked at this closely last year, and dropped the Maricat yardstick to 88. We are happy to look at it anytime. Trouble is Sevenseas is not what you would call a super regular competitor. When he sails he is usually ( not always) first over the line as you would expect for the largest Cat on our waters. If I raced half as many races as my competitors I don't think I would expect to be winning on yardstick. We don't have any windward return races either which the big cats seem to revel in. We have a lot of fun and we sail to our limitations and that
  12. Yeah I had the same problem but I did a bit of a search and found Tudor Insurance in Melbourne which is underwritten by QBE doesn't have a servey required. Phone number is 0397073033
  13. The times they are a changing I don't know whether you have noticed, But you can't leave your back door open any more, nor can you leave your keys in your car, try leaving your lawn mower out the front while you take your catcher to empty out the back. Kerbside rubbish is gone quicker than you can put it out. Don't shake hands with any stranger these days without checking the number of fingers you have got left afterwards. Locks on letter boxes are a pre requisite. Nod off in front of the TV and it's gone. Welcome to the new millennium.
  14. I knew it. Hi Barry, Glad to see you back. I knew you couldn't stay away for long. I raced against your old T4.9 in Canberra Multihull Championships recently. I have a Mari as well as the Taipan. Hope to catch you on the water one day. Cheers Rob
  15. Batemans Bay Sailing Club Coila division will have a contingent coming as well.
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