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  1. Hi, Call the Fiberglass factory in Adelaide. They have everything you need.
  2. Hi, Goolwa- Meningie race is back on again. Saturday 19th November 2011. Google the name for the rest of the information.
  3. I wish I wasn't so poor.:( That is one sick looking machine. How many times have you broken the start? I's the black one. lol
  4. I have Taipan 4.9 Mast complete in Adelaide. I am looking to sell to a good home. Give me a call on 0414956364. Cheers Danny
  5. Get Ashby to build it. You will get it in a reasonable time frame. It will be just as good if not better. Also Glen made the the last set of new sails for that boat. You should all ways ring me first LOL
  6. Coming up soon would be great to see some Victorians there.
  7. Why would you bother buying one. You will be the only one in AUS. Seem to me to be a more money than brains purchase. I would stick with F18 at the very least you would have some competition. Just read on the Nacra forum $34000.00 I think the price says it all. [This message has been edited by dannyj (edited 23 January 2010).] [This message has been edited by dannyj (edited 23 January 2010).]
  8. Vipers Hulls are made in Thailand.This should not sway your thoughts on the VERY well made boat. All AHPC gear is of a very high standard. Tony Barret has a blade similar weight and he sails one up. He will also be building your Blade if you decide to get a New one. Give him a call at the Fiberglass Factory 0883260877 I'm sure he will help with any details you need. [This message has been edited by dannyj (edited 21 January 2010).]
  9. The Blue beast. Peter obershacks boat. Justin was sailing it a bit then it went into retirement. Good to see it went to a good home. I have one more 5.7 up my sleeve if anyone is keen. He's keen to move to a F18.
  10. Do we tell them what you paid for the boat? Will make some people cry.
  11. Not True. AHPC next shipment of masts are all at 5.7 length. So get them while they last. They were ordered by mistake. Good for you bad for them.
  12. Jeff, Give me a call I think I have found what you looking for here in Adelaide. Just spoke to the guy He's keen to move it. Danny [This message has been edited by dannyj (edited 09 January 2010).]
  13. I have sent Macca a PM. Will see if he still has the mast when he replies. Have you spoken to Greg from AHPC? He will be the only one who could help you. Staff will just give you options. Jeff, Told you you guys should of got F18's [This message has been edited by dannyj (edited 09 January 2010).]
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