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  1. I was going to Boga anyway, so count me in (Taipan 263).
  2. Has it been converted to a self-tacking jib? If so, do you still have the bits to go back to the original (bigger) jib set up. Me and my boy (read: me) are a bit heavy for our 4.9, but he is not up to handling a kite yet.
  3. No-tie McKay Multilink with single sailbox. Currently set up for 4.9 Taipan but should also take A-Class. NSW reg. $1,750 Location: Melbourne Contact: Richard Mobile: 0419 340 726 Email: rnicholson@kordamentha.com
  4. You are in luck. I am taking delivery of a Taipan tomorrow which has a McKay Multilink under it in excellent condition, but I also have a custom-made galvanised trailer set up for A-Class or F18. Until I get Taipan home, I'm unsure whether to keep the McKay or modify the custom trailer for the Taipan. Either way, I will have a spare trailer with a single box for sale. Price will be around $2,000 and I am located in Melbourne. Richard 0419 340 726 rnicholson@kordamentha.com
  5. Well done Mitch! Cheers, Richard BTW, F18 is sold.
  6. Bump.... This boat needs to go. Make me an offer!
  7. Some interest but no offers. I want to sell. Make me an offer! For those looking to enter the class but worried about not having the latest and greatest, I say: 1. Look at the $ - the latest and greatest always comes at a significant cost premium; and 2. Boat handling - if you have not sailed a cat with a spinnaker before, you have minutes to be gained from boat handling before you need to worry about a newer boat going faster. I am located in Melbourne but am willing to assist with delivery.
  8. $8,500 on customer gal trailer. AUS 191 See Boats For Sale forum. Call for pics or more info. Richard - 0419 340 726 Keen to sell. Delivery negotiable.
  9. Still for sale. Keen to sell. Change of plans means now selling with custom gal trailer with sailbox. $8,500 with trailer. Call or PM for pics.
  10. Thanks, Matt I'm pretty sure the 'new' centreboards you are talking about are the ones I had on my Boyer A-cats (all 3!). Thanks for the tip - that is the sort of advice I was hoping for. Apart from a main beam, I could just about refit a Taipan ex-stock! I will take your advice on the refit. I am in Melbourne and have previously bought sails from Goodall, Irwin and Ashby - and I would happily buy again from any one of them. Just depends on who is doing development at the moment. From memory, you were trying to sell an F18. Any luck yet? What is it about Australia and 18 foot cats? Ch
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