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  1. I'll firstly state that I've not sailed the Square top. IMO the Square should be faster in light-moderate as you have more sail area up high. This may not show to be the case so early in the use as people haven't worked out the correct trim. I believe over sheeting will cause the head to lay off which would be detrimental in light-moderate breeze. It should also be faster in heavy breeze as the head will lay off sooner which reduces the healing moment of the boat. BUT if you're not a top flight sailor then the difference will be minimal and certainly spending more time on the water to pract
  2. Well you learn something new! Why did NZ get an I beam traveller? A proper traveller would have been awesome on the Aus boats. When it's 25knts and you cant dump traveller it sucks. As for mainsheet block sizes 60mm would be ok. The common bottom block is either a Ronstan or Harken 57mm triple with cleat and a 40mm triple top block either Ronstan or Harken. I preferred 40mm Harken Carbo triples for bottom and top, but you need to use 6mm rope which after a nationals ends up killing your hands.
  3. The traveller options you've seen in the marine shop are not a true cost of what it will endup costing to change to an I track style traveller. If you went down that path, you'd need a new traveller + the track. The track can be $$$ + you'll be weakening the back beam by attaching the track too it. Best option is to get in contact with Brett at Windrush Yachts. You'll still have issues with it sticking under load but unless its a raceboat i'd say its not an issue. Michael
  4. Darcy, I'm staying out of the foam bulkhead repairs as I've never done it. Dad's done it once or twice and I do remember you have to use Epoxy not Polyester resin as Polyester resin will dissolve the styrene blocks. From memory he used a rectangular hole just under the gunwale to get in, but i've also heard of people using a hole in the bottom of the hull along the U shaped section. For the middle section you'll likely have to remove all the rotted marine ply too. Michael
  5. Marz, Windrush are the most forgiving of the older 14ft cat designs (i've not sailed a Nacra 430 or an AO F14 so cant pass judgement there). A few tricks for reaching in big breeze: 1) Crew weight as far aft as possible, i mean the skipper hiking with their bum behind the rear beam and under the rudder arm. It's not easy to get there or back but it's the safest way to get aft. The unsafe way for most is to trapeze that far back, though it is highly risky and its generally not pretty when you do send it down the mine, it typically ends in a flying trip forward of the boat or landing on the
  6. 2mm or 2.5mm Dyneema is what you want. It's the stuff the top A guys use. The 2.5mm with spliced ends has a breaking stain close to 800kg with
  7. All sounds good in theory but remember that the Maricats are the only association with insurance and if you run a try sailing day outside of an affiliated & insured club you are the organising authority and all the liability lies with the associations. This was the hurdle it all fell down on last time this was suggested.
  8. What you'll find about Magic Pro is that the Dyneema core will give you basically NO stretch underload, so everybit of energy you put in is directly applied.
  9. I ran the Magic Pro in 6mm for 2 seasons with a 6:1 Harken 40mm triple top and 40mm triple rachet bottom on the Windrush and I couldn't find anything about the line i didn't like. It had unnoticable stretch ran through the blokes better than anything i've had before and i've used FSE lines before. I also have a 10m or 12m length of Dyna Grip, I've not used it because the Magic Pro was such a good rope. My partner races NS14's (3rd at the 2011/12 nationals) and her skipper uses Dyna Grip for a mainsheet. It's quite soft and gives good control based on his reports.
  10. Liros Magic Pro (aka Lightning Line) from Deckhardware.com.au. The other way is Liros Dyna Grip also from Deckhardware.com.au Magic Pro http://www.deckhardware.com.au/-categories/rope_cordage/liros_dinghy_rope/liros_magic_pro_01507/ Dyna Grip http://www.deckhardware.com.au/-categories/rope_cordage/liros_dinghy_rope/liros_dynagrip_02009/
  11. I agree that if your class does W/L's then doing them at club level would be good. But if your in a non spi boat they are boring...
  12. It's possible given the AOC has recognised our "failings" are a result of grass roots development. But i wouldn't hold you breath...
  13. hi goingdown, the states were run at koonawarra bay sc in February. the next titles will most likely be decided at the port kembla sc regatta in november. send an email to: warren.pfeffer (at) gmail dot com he'll keep you upto date. michael
  14. More AUSSIE GOLD! Matt & Malcolm in the Men's 470!
  15. Start with at least $300k over 4 years. If you can trump up that kind of cash then you've got at least the funding for a campaign.
  16. Chalk that up for Gold #2 for the sailing team...
  17. 1 Gold in hand & 1 guaranteed! Big night for the Aussies!
  18. This just popped up on Facebook DeckHardware Roger McMillan advised the following in the mysailing.com.au newsletter earlier today. Another late night. "Staying up? Are you staying up until 11pm tonight? You should be. Channel Nine has suddenly realised that without sailing they have no winners, so they are televising all Australian medal races live. That means you can catch Tom Slingsby going for gold at 2pm British time, which is 11pm in the eastern states and 9pm in Perth." He also advised the weather forecast: "The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. Partly cloudy with WSW win
  19. I believe Foxtel are going to show all of the medal races live.
  20. If you need new rollers give me a ring and i'll put you intouch with dad. He's in Branxton so 20mins up the road from you.
  21. A couple of things Darcy didn't mention. Oversized rollers will help the bar sit higher. The rudder arm castings (cast alu) can bend causing the arm to sit lower (this is actually quite common i think on the port casting in particular).
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