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  1. Lots of Articles and Tips can be found at the WA Nacra dealers website. http://www.goosemarine.com.au Link to the Nacra 5.8 Tuning Guide:http://www.goosemarine.com.au/_content/documents/general/nacra%20tuning%20guide%202007.pdf
  2. I have a very good mainsail I've been thinking of selling seeing as I don't have a boat any more. It was my championship sail, only been used at 2 nationals and 2 states, looks and performs like a new one. Willing to negotiate on a price depending on your need for battens and track etc... Send me an e-mail or give me a ring if your interested. Goosemarine@aapt.net.au 0897252649 Leigh Gornall
  3. Theirs a tuning guide located here, it was written by the last 5.2 national champ. http://www.goosemarine.com.au/Articles%20|%20Photos Spreaders sound like the original nonadjustable type, that first came out on 5.2's.
  4. Have a look at Goosemarine.com.au tuning guide for the 16sq. I would assume the boats would be set up reasonable similar or though I have never sailed a 14. Rudders are usually set up with around 20-30mm forward rake on most nacras (16's and 5.8's) Setting up the rudders properly will elimanate alot of your problems I think. As far as mast bend some of the nacra guys used to rotate the mast to 90 when going to windward on the 5.8s so the mast would bend. But that would be a huge hassel on a one man boat I would suggest beefing up downhaul and pulling on as much as you need. 16sq use around
  5. You do realize the F16 isn't really established in Australia yet and probably wont for quite sometime. Personally I don't think they will take off to much we have to bigger f18 fleet. As for the F17 that will never become an established class as long as there is such a huge 16sq fleet racing with kites at club level and such a competitive national titles. Just my two cents worth [This message has been edited by Yachty Boy (edited 28 March 2009).]
  6. Personally I would skip the 14sq and go straight to a 16sq. Like you said you are at the max weight range for a 14. As for sailablity the 16sq is one of the easiest boats to sail because they are so forgiving. They have heaps of volume and don't feel like a big boat on the water.(note the addition of diamond wires allows for more depowering options then a 14) I progressed from small Skiffs (jd's, cherubs etc..) and went straight into a 16sq at 17years of age and no catamaran experience and I found the 16sq was easier to sail then a cat rigged maricat. However saying that I would be looking m
  7. Hi Will be trying out the kite kit on my 16sq this weekend and need some advice on setup and tuning. Other then mast rake and tightening sidestays, is there anything else i need to do to prepare the boat for a kite? How far back should I rake the mast? i used to run in front of the back beam have raked back three holes already should i go back further (say rear hatch)? I weigh around 110kg mark. Also on my pole i have two wires (with metal rings on the end) attached to the same point my center wire from the forestay attaches. where are these wires suppose to attach to? do these wires atta
  8. Hi, Theres an old assembly manuel for the original nacras at www.goosemarine.com.au, just go to articles/photos and scroll down till you find "Nacra Assembly Manual Original Version" It shows a step by step guide to rasing the mast including pictures. I also recommend having a look at the tuning guide if new to the boat (also located in atricles section of the website). Hope this helps, Leigh
  9. Include another 1 maybe 2 local WA boats and you've almost got your self a class. We are working hard to track down as many local boats as possible. Leigh
  10. Hi, What are your details?, and where would I be able to veiw the boat? You can contact me at goosemarine@aapt.net.au Leigh Gornall
  11. The WA Nacra Association has now been reformed after a period of inactivity and is currently discussing a possible Nationals proposal for the 08-09 nationals. Currently we have a fleet of f18’s, 16sq, 5.8’s and a couple of 5.2’s racing. Proposed locations are Bunbury or Busselton both located in the South West of the state roughly 2.5 hours south of Perth. Who would be interested in participating at a WA nationals?!
  12. The WA Nacra Association is currently being rebuilt with a lot of interest being generated. As a result we are desperately seeking second-hand boats, primarily 16 sq and 5.8s, varying budgets. If any ones selling/thinking of upgrading please post details of boats for sale.
  13. Hi, You may be interested in the 5.2 tuning guide located at www.goosemarine.com.au (located in "about goosemarine"). Alot of useful information and was written by last national champion. Leigh
  14. Theirs a Marri 5.0 racing in Broome, WA. Don't know any other details
  15. As mentioned by xmatelot, have a look at the Nacra Assembly Manual at www.goosemarine.com.au in the articles/photos page.
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