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  1. Its on old post but wondering if you had a jib for a Windrush 14? Also need a few other bits and pieces Will be done that way next weekend Kurt
  2. Its a long shot but I fell through my tramp on the weekend and are now after a replacement. The one I have looks like its been sewn a few times and is at the end of its life. I'm located in Brisbane Cheers and happy sailing
  3. Thanks for the response Matt definitely want to spend as little as possible, need to get it going so I can get it in the water and see how she goes before committing time and money to her. Side track seems to be what you mentioned already but not track for the jib cleat, Steve has one but is in Melbourne, thanks Steve. Self furling jib so I can roll it up Sailing group sounds great, will like the page and maybe come out when I get this thing sea worthy Cheers Kurt
  4. Hi folks, I have just been given a Windrush 14, the last one I had was in about 1985 so am pretty excited to get up and sailing but am missing a couple of bits. - I have rudders but no tiller or tiller extension. could just go buy an aluminium tube but see what's available first - side track, the aluminium piece that holds the tramp on and the jib block for the starboard side - Self furling jib? had one on my boat 30 years ago. it seems to get water in when it rains so might reseal all the penetrations. Located in Brisbane Cheers
  5. See for sale section http://www.catsailor.net/index.php?/topic/5949-nacra-45-adventurer-for-sale/ Cheers Kurt
  6. Nacra 4.5 Adventurer Great family boat, very stable and has front trampoline creating huge sitting area and no boom so safe for kids. Boat bought from Brisbane Catamaran Centre new in 2008, still in original condition, no modifications and only used a couple of times a year. We have never raced it Comes with near new galvanised Ruhle Cat Hauler trailer with 10 months rego, fibreglass sailbox & rubber beach wheels Always stored undercover, Sail number 353. Would suit new boat buyer. http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1038490649&posted=true Cheers Kurt
  7. Thanks guys Will have a look at Cleveland when they start racing again, anyone know when this is. Traveller series sounds intersting, will look into it as well. What about getting onto someone elses boat for a little while, do the guys look for crew on the bigger boats? Cheers Kurt
  8. Have had my Nacra 4.5 for a couple of years now and are now keen to start racing and have a few questions. I am located near Manly in Brisbane and looking to start in the Spring. - Where do the catamarans sail from in Brisbane, I have read there are some over in Cleveland. - Would it be best to crew with someone else to learn the ropes or dive straight in with the 4.5. - I have 2 boys aged 9 & 11, can they be on the boat with me as well? Happy to sail one-up as my goal is to have competitive fun. Look forward to any advice. Cheers Kurt
  9. After an old cat any size that I can convert into a floating pontoon for te hboys Chrissie present. Anyone have any hulls laying around that the don't need. Cheers Kurt
  10. Its a long shot but do you still have these hulls. Looking to build a pontoon for parents lake. Kurt
  11. I have cleaned out the shed and have found about a dozen fairly recent Multihull and Multihull World magazines. Giving them away if anyone is interested, this weekend preferable. Ring me on 0434 884633 Cheers Kurt
  12. There was a storey about them in a multi hull magazine a while back about their trip across drakes passage to Antarctica
  13. Well done Chris. Instead of having a big round ball in the middle of the boat why not have a long bag from hull to hull. I haven't had my 4.5 very long but when I had a windrush we used to just drag it up the beach, part gravel, part sand. Did it for years and it didn't seem to effect it too much. How about some slides that get strapped to the back of the hulls. Lift the front and pull. Cheers Kurt
  14. Good to hear you are alright Barry, scary stuff indeed and makes me think about flying across the bay alone hanging out the side. Will definately take more care next time, a real wake up call. I once lost my Windrush in the middle of Lake Macquarie. Me and a mate had tipped it over and did some sunbaking on the overturned boat, mast down, as we used to do. When we righted it there was a gust and it just ripped out of our hands and it was off sailing towards Toronto. Can't actualy remember feeling too scared, must have been too young, was in the water for 15mins when a speed boat who saw
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