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  1. Go the 4.5, I regret every day since i sold mine, you can rig it on your own, sail it on your own. or crew. simple, flies, ticks all boxes!! good luck
  2. My suggestion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsrmaGFEcU0&feature=player_embedded
  3. cruiser

    Weta tri

    Our mono fleet is full of multiple national and state champion winners of various classes Tony, we are more social multi sailors!! LOL But anything helps, i will suggest what you mentioned, but we are at the end of our season up here, the wet is about to kick in
  4. cruiser

    Weta tri

    we are trialling them @ 105 VYC somewhere around RS100 & tasar speed
  5. C'mon James, we are years behind up here apparently!! Lasers, F18 Nacras, Tasers and A class are the most sailed 4 fleets, unless you like o'pen bics ;-) Grab a cheap A class and join Tinaroo. Infusion F18's are the go at Ellis if Cairns is more your thing!! Stinger suits at any dive shop, but you only need them in the Summer, Winter you'll need to rug up as the water gets below 24'c!!
  6. F18's at Ellis, A classes live at Tinaroo, there is a few champange sailors at Tinaroo also!!! I was VC at Tinaroo, so I may be biased. Port Is a nice club, but they only have 4 meets this year, Ellis is great, Nice guys and good setting We really are spoilt
  7. That's pretty good, I cant even get a windy for that!!!
  8. Because they have to pay rent and feed their family.... And then we wonder why they take manufacturing overseas, It's not like Waz drives a mercedes, he has a bloody hyundai FFS...
  9. they go hard mate, should suit that bracket well!!i was so proud of mine, everyone who sailed it at our club (and i let heaps of people use it) said it was awesome.
  10. you will need a 9" polisher, and some cotton wheels from the welding shop with aluminium wax. Be prepared to spend hours on it to get a mirror finish, and get very dirty. you need a respirator too!! I've done both stainless and ali to a professional finish, and i'm reluctant to do so ever again.
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