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  1. All, There is an important issue in the class currently and the best place for following it is http://www.catsailor.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=240976#Post240976 macca
  2. I am saddened to hear of Kev's passing, He was a true gent on and off the water and I always enjoyed catching up with him. He was always tinkering with something and I learnt a lot from him in my younger days. Fair winds Kevin.
  3. What is the hassle of a tilt trailer?? I have used tilt trailers for years and never found it any more of a hassle than a flat trailer, in fact it makes it easier in traffic compared to a max width flat trailer as the boat is better protected. The new 20 will be a weapon and for sure worth it for those who want to be the fastest or if the crew weight is a bit on the high side..
  4. I have a few in the shed that are in really good condition. send me an email asI am ovrseas now and calling is not so easy. aus300 @ hotmail.com macca
  5. The hulls on the 4.5 and 460 are essentially the same, so the two boats could be in same fleet. [This message has been edited by macca (edited 21 May 2009).]
  6. The 460 is the one to play with if you want a fast and fun simple boat. It is much like the 4.5 thats sold here but it's updated with new beams and rudders etc. [This message has been edited by macca (edited 21 May 2009).]
  7. macca

    Which Boat?

    Cruiser, I have sailed the 570 a number of times and with each of the different rig configs. The 570 Sports is awesome, with a kite the boat really flies downwind but is still very easy to look after.
  8. macca

    Which Boat?

    Some great info about the 570 here:- http://prosailing.wordpress.com/
  9. its no problem to have a 10ft wide boat, on a tilt railer it takes a much room as any other boat. and it sails way better than the std boat
  10. Is there a link with info on this regatta??
  11. You are looking for Trial Bay Gaol. You will see signs as you get close. But for a street to plug into the GPS, just put in Phillip drive, Arakoon (South West Rocks) See you there
  12. bought it. pick up next week, should get time for one sail before I leave for 6 months.... Anyhow I will be all fired up for next season!
  13. Looks good, could be worth a drive. I will give them a call tomorrow. Thanks
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