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  1. Sorry mate decided to keep it, just too hard to get another one later.
  2. I have a 2004 model in excellent condition. 2 set of gear, mylar Pinhead main in good condition but poor jib and barracoota dacron set in good condition.Spare trampoline. Excellent trailer with spare wheel and sailbox. $6k. Port Kembla Sailing Club. Willing to meet you half way. If interested Ill send you pics. Paul
  3. Simon all the info here is really good. As your a newbie I would suggest the 14s, windy, maris, arrows, PTs, they're enough to handle in a breeze and you can always jump up a size when your confidence levels increase. As the guys say check out your local clubs and get advice and a ride on any or all. There's a lot of fun rivalry between the classes but there all good boats to sail and similar in speed. As Pirate says get advice from sailors before you buy cause there are people who will tell you anything to get a sale where people who sail at a club want you to join them so it's unlik
  4. Adam You will find that a main sail off a hobie 14 is near identical to the windy 12 except it is about 200mm longer on the luff. A simple repair for your local sail maker. Trampoline rope 5-6mm will work fine, similar with halyard. The bolt rope ie the rope inside the front of the sail is 6 mm, don't go too soft or it will zipper out. If the main sheet is old it will be either 10 or 12 mm which is way too thick for the newer ropes today. I use 8mm on my 14 windy with no problem at all. Paul
  5. I use the diagonal method it allows the rope to be tightened better. To tighten just keep working the tension on the rope. Start from the beginining and pull the slack out as you work around the tramp.
  6. John I'm from Port Kembla Sailing Club located on Lake Illawarra. We currently have people from Cam d en and The Oaks sailing with us. We sail all sorts of cats particulaly 14 and also larger cats. Just about everything posted here is spot on. We also hve a number of people like yourself started sailing with us this season. We start back ok on the 12 Jan for our first race after Xmas. Your best idea is to drop down and talk to all h e guys and girls who wil more than happily give you the information you need. I would definitely suggest you don't buy a boat until you
  7. David Give Darcy a ring you will find his number somewhere in this website. Worst case senario is to buy another windy in really poor condition except for the parts you need. Keep he best parts and dump the rest.
  8. Dave The bungs can be sought from windrush. Standard Ronstan one can be cut down but not as good as originals The advice above is pretty close to the money. The original rivets are 1/4 inch. The new hatch is normaly 6-8 inches behind the front beam.For a nice fit you need to straighten the edge against the trampoline side mounting.
  9. Another one of my old boats returns to the lake. Awesome Paul
  10. Tony See how well attended this regatta goes. The only problem with a December date is our main Kembla Klassic regatta is the last week in November so to hold one in December really puts a big ask on the volunteers who support these events. PKSC puts on cracker regatta mainly due to the support the sailers get from a large number of volunteers who put here hand up, which we really appreciate so we are pretty mindfull not to over do the events. Due to our proximity to Sydney we are getting many requests from other classes to conduct events plus our juniors are starting to become involved
  11. Matt Welcome to the light side. Just the spot to sail windrush, awesome nice people sail them in WA. One day we will have to get the nats back up and meet some where in the middle in SA. Paul
  12. Most problems are the tiller arms lowering over time and hitting the hulls and getting wear in the hole causing the blade to wabble as they go through the water. Firstly, don't touch the blades by building up the top profile. This profile is important to the rudder functioning properly. If the hole bolt hole is elongated you can drill out the blade to 12mm and insert a stainless steel bush. Most of the wear which makes the arms drop is either in the two riverts where the top casting is joined to the bottom casting. The casting wears so replacing the riverts does not fix the problem. You will f
  13. Seems like not inviting the sailors to join would be pretty negative.
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