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  1. Thanks for that.I was interested to know why the rudders are hollow,I was expecting then to be solid marine ply with a fibreglass coating .Obviously it keeps the rudder lighter but maybe not as strong. Anyway I'll try to repair it. And stay away from shallow lakes! Cheers Col
  2. Hi all, I've managed to damage one of my rudders.Almost severing it in two while taking in shallow water. How hard is it to come by 2nd hand rudders or am i better trying to refibreglass the one I have. Cheers Col
  3. Thanks Fella's , That's certainly given me some good spots to check. I'm lookihg forward to catching up with some of you pro's at Port Kembla. Cheers Shippo
  4. Hi All, I've been sailing a mk1 maricat for the past 12 months and love it.The boat sails really well but have noticed one of the hulls taking on water approx. 2- 3 litres.Can't see any obvious points of entry.So hoping someone can give me a clue as the most likely spot to look. Cheers Shippo
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