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  1. Hi David, yes this set of sails is still available. This set I have owned from new for 6 Years. I race this boat 4 to 6 events per year. The jib is newer than the main and in really good shape. The main has faded a little and there is some wear on the batten pockets. The both sails are radial cut and still have plenty of races in them. This set won the nationals in Feb and last used in June which won the maricat division of this regatta. If you google the nationals at lake catgelico there will be footage and photos this suite of sails are the lilac sails. Easy to see. Or check out toukley sa
  2. I also have a radial sail for sale. This sail is the current Australian champion, (Won 2017) Last used at Toukley Brass Monkey and won that regatta as well (June 2017). This is a set or individual. (Main and jib with battens or individual) Located in Newcastle. $1000 for the complete set. $800 for main and battens. $200 Jib. Mark Colecliffe 0416122988
  3. These sails are still on the market. They won the Brass monkey 2 weeks ago. (kicked micks but again) They still have plenty of life in them. 0416122988 Mark C
  4. Am looking at selling my purple sail set, Main and Jib. Current National champion winner. Includes battens. $1000.00 ono. Mark C
  5. It might be time for me to update my sails. Current National Champion sails, Great colour and performance. If you are interested in good second hand sails let me Know. Mark 0416122988 m.colecliffe@gmail.com
  6. Less than 2 weeks to go!!!!! Hoping for more great weather, who is coming to Canberra??? Mark C
  7. Hi All, Below is a link to register for the States in OCT. You do not need to pay yet. THIS IS JUST TO GETS NAMES ON PAPER It is really easy! just skip the payment section and pay later. http://www.taipan.asn.au/natregistration.php?ID=95 See you there! Mark C
  8. The NOR for this event is attached!! Wild Cat regatta. We are really looking for a great turn out. The more the better the racing. Mark C Taipan NSW State titles 2015 NOR Forster.pdf
  9. Anybody got a current email address for PKSC there is nothing on the web site with a current one.
  10. Hi I believe that some Taipans sail out of Port Kembla, any one know how to contact these sailors? Mark C
  11. Hi I believe that some Taipans sail out of Port Kembla, any one know how to contact these sailors? Mark C
  12. One week to go. hope the weather is like today! Should be great. come and join us! see you there. Mark
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