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  1. Hi David, yes this set of sails is still available. This set I have owned from new for 6 Years. I race this boat 4 to 6 events per year. The jib is newer than the main and in really good shape. The main has faded a little and there is some wear on the batten pockets. The both sails are radial cut and still have plenty of races in them.   This set won the nationals in Feb and last used in June which won the maricat division of this regatta. If you google the nationals at lake catgelico there will be footage and photos this suite of sails are the lilac sails. Easy to see. Or check out toukley sailing club web site and again look for the lilac sails. My email is m.colecliffe@ gmail.com

  2. Ok I have spoken to Sharon re staying at the scout hall.


    $6.00 per person per night. There is a small kitchen and bathroom facilities


    The Saturday night is no problem at all but Friday night the scouts will be using the hall until 9 pm so is not available until after 9 on Friday.


    If anyone wants to use this then they can either contact Sharon direct or I can collect a list of names and semi coordinate it .


    Sharon ph number is 43591147.


    My number is 0416122988 or email m.colecliffe@gmail.com


    Catch you there.



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