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  1. Hi Guys. Will the scout hall be available to sleep in this year?? Mark
  2. Rowan are you coming? I spoke to nick yesterday, he will either be there or in Washington.
  3. The association is run by guys giving up their time so it does not always go to plan, Regardless of When the Nats are held it will not suite everyone unfortunately . You involvement with the association would probably be welcomed, Not enough people step forward to help. Phil has basically had to pull this all together on his own so please come along, have a great sail, meet some great guys and have some fun! We are a small assassination and we are not racing for sheep stations. At the end of the day it is simply an excuse to all get together!
  4. Phone Dave young 0404838570 and get him to put his together. 2 years so nacra ran their 16 sq nats with 3 boats.
  5. One bad tack makes up that difference, sounds like it will be pretty close to weight. Thanks
  6. So does that give you a boat under weight or on weight?? our hulls are 25kg each.
  7. Anyone know what a paintd hull with no fitting should approx weigmark
  8. Great! Will see how many sand groppers I can get to come across.
  9. Hi guys. Is toukley confirmed as the venue for this event? I have a friend in WA who wants to book tickets etc and is running out of time to book cheap options.
  10. Hi Bevan, good to see such a great stretch of water being used. Would be fantastic to see a few cats there.
  11. 5 I think. Steve keeps threatening to move up from his A class.
  12. Well mick launched his new taipan today (007). Was great to see it out there and was on the pace so no mishaps and an enjoyable start to sailing a taipan
  13. The starts were brilliant thanks phil. Darcy did a good job at toukley also. :-)
  14. Have saved 3 for the occasion, You coming Rohan???
  15. A few of us are sailing Mannering Park on Saturday and the one day regatta at Toukley on Sunday. Who is joining us???
  16. Last weekend the 16 sq State titles were held in Bunbury. We had 8 boats competing over the weekend with light to moderate winds. The competition was very strong and the racing very close. in Andrews case it was to close as Bevan took out Andrews transom unfortunately eliminating him from the competition. 3 square tops and 5 Pin heads made up the fleet as each race ended the gap between boats closed and by the end of the series there was a marked improvement an most of the fleet, this was confirmed by the handicap results which had Darren winning with Jonas Second and Arnold third
  17. You are sailing your Mari? What time first race? Where do we meet? Anybody else interested???
  18. I realy enjoyed last sail there. Any other feed back?
  19. What is on at great lakes? Can anybody play?
  20. Hi Quin, Is that the March long weekend?
  21. Hi Rowan, How are things up there?? Am thinking of coming sailing on the weekend of Feb 15th (two weeks from now) will you be sailing? if a couple of people came up would that work?? Anybody interested in making the trip? What about the guy at Balina who recently got a Maricat? Mark
  22. Extra body weight is a great option in extreme conditions. Grab a friend next time! 20 knots is as much as I like but we were out in 25+knots the other day, a bit of carnage and a couple of rigs came down. 20 knots in flat water is very different to 20 knots in the surf. if the rig is pretty new then the foam boats should take the pounding pretty well. Brett makes a good boat.
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