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  1. catamaran beach wheels | Sail Boats | Gumtree Australia Wyong Area - Summerland Point | 1036321407 www.gumtree.com.au catamaran beach wheels, 1036321407
  2. Mick and I just got back from the NACRA Nats in WA.. I am sure you are all interested to know things did not go as planned for Mick the worlds greatest Mari sailor. His near new sail failed in one race which with back to back races cost him two races. You can imagine he was not happy. after having the top clue sewn back in he went out and was in the front pack on the first work and bang it let go again. I looked back to see his sail half down the mast and him punching the proverbial out of it and saying lots of expletives. It was one of the best dummy spits I have ever seen and very j
  3. Maybe a good chance to have a committee meeting. Just a thought as I am not on the committee. Also could discuss National title options??
  4. You can also try Fred Grant. He has one sitting in his back yard. Ph 0422610811
  5. Hi darcy. Am in wa. Bummer Will be back mid Jan. See you then.
  6. Well one week to go! I am getting excited. Have only sailed my boat in one race this season so feeling totally ill prepared but there is only one other boat on the water I need to beat! Bring it on Bro! I will be doing some maintenance on 27th and hitting the water on 28th and 29th to do some practice. anyone interested in doing some one on one racing on those dates let me know.
  7. I am renowned for my skill with an angle grinder and reciprocating saw if you need any help!!
  8. Pretty sure it is 22mm. A spanner off a router fits I think. i may have had to ground a half mm out of it to fit, can't remember now. you coming to the Nats??
  9. Great!! his name is Rob Fowler. What is your best contact number so I can get him to call you? Did you sail today?
  10. Hi Arnold, I am in NSW but fly back next Friday. The sail is being loaded on the container coming from Queensland so will be back in bunbury in time for nationals. does that suite or is it too late? If you are going down next Saturday I have a friend who is working in Perth from sydney for a couple of weeks and was looking for a sail. If you could bring him down he could sail my boat and that would give you extra competition.??? I will be sailing the following Saturday. I will also be doing some tuning during the week so if you had time on the Friday you could come down and do some one on
  11. I have a great pin head. it is in very good condition and has won lots of races. I have a square top now.
  12. These guys do not support our events do they?
  13. What Dates? Accom? what sort of boats sail there?
  14. Yesterday (Saturday) I sailed at Manno. we had a front come through just before the start with very gusty 25 knot breezes. It sorted the men from the boys. Darcy plugged on right on the heels of Warren in his super sloop Windi. I went swimming twice as did most other 14 footers. Well done Darcy on showing us how to play in a blow!
  15. enjoy your windrush!. you can buy a spinnaker kit off the shelf for them.
  16. What will you do with your foam Mari
  17. Hi guys I am flying into Perth on 26th evening. is anyone else arriving around then? if so maybe we can look at combined transport to Bunbury???? Mark
  18. The whole point is to put it to the test of the members. The discussion is fine, but lets put the issue to rest so we can all move forward with a clear direction from the majority of the members (not the committee). Still need a seconder!
  19. So this is now my proposed Motion for members to vote on; NOTICE OF MOTION: Motion 1. That measurement certificates be issued to boats at State events. that will be valid for 3 years. Motion 2. That at State events a 2 % adjustment be given to any boat that is more than 107 kg in the same configuration as min weight requirement. Now In need a financial member to second the motion please!
  20. well that is fantastic!!! we are both winners! Close yardstick results for 2nd, 11 point. 3rd 11 points, and 4th 12 points. Tony did really well on 7 points and the Hobie 14 was 5th on 16 points. The old Hobie still had great pace and kept us honest. I am sure you got great fuel economy on the way home as your car was a bottle of Port lighter! It looks good on my bar! thanks. :-)
  21. All done and dusted! great sailing! Great result from Riley on his heavy classic. close racing all round, challenging conditions with lots of wind shifts. winds from 3 - 15 knots. Nick launched his foam Mari!!! 21 boats fighting it out for the ultimate ACT title! Have not seen the Yardstick results yet but it will be close!! The Tigers, Hobies and Maris all performed well over the weekend so It will be interesting. There was a Alpha Omega as well!!! Have not seen one of those in a very long time. Ask Mick how he went!!!
  22. I think that they are not far off the mark. 430 needs to be tweaked back up a bit and Arrow needs to be tweaked down a bit Super sloops: 430 - 88 Windrush - 88 Foam Mari - 88 Arrow 87.5-88 Cat rigged Windrush - 92 Foam Mari - 92 Paper tiger - 91 Sloop rig 430 - 89.5 Windrush 89.5 Foam Mari 89.5 - 2% for spinnaker + 2% for old hulls No penalty for square tops.
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