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  1. It is not the committee that votes on these decisions it is the members.
  2. If you email Scott on this email address donnascott31@optusnet.com.au, He can give you account details for your membership. Also get him to send you a form so they have all your contact details on file. Mark
  3. Hi Rohan, what was the contact for the Carbon tube supplier please?? Mark
  4. If you wish to draft a third motion for consideration that is fine. It would be appropriate that you join the assosiation though.
  5. NOTICE OF MOTION: Motion 1. That measurement certificates be issued to boats at State events. that will be valid for 3 years. Motion 2. That at State events a 2 min handicap be given to any boat that is more than 107 kg in same configuration as min weight requirement. Please look at the above and if you think it needs changing slightly to reflect fairer racing at state events then comment. At the end of 2 weeks I will tweak these and put them up for voting on by the members.
  6. Ok worked it out this time! Minutes AGM 2013-14.pdf
  7. Hi Maricat Ass Members, please find attached AGM Minutes for your records. Mark
  8. Honesty is not the same as being constructive. If I tell a women that she has a fat butt it may be honest but I will probably spend yet another lonley night at home. It is probably better yo ask her to walk with me as I have to tone up for sailing. Thereby I get fit and the benefits a smaller butt bring. Talking
  9. Honesty is not the same as being constructive. If I tell a women that she has a fat butt it may be honest but I will probably spend yet another lonley night at home. It is probably better yo ask her to walk with me as I have to tone up for sailing. Thereby I get fit and the benefits a smaller butt bring. Talking
  10. You will need the 2 minutes Rohan. Mick is getting all geed up. he was out practicing all afternoon. He even won one out of 4 races.
  11. There has been a lot of discussion . that is healthy. If there are people that feel strongly about some of these issues raised then put it on the line! Put a motion forward to be voted on by the members. I am assuming that all the people making all this noise have shown a financial commitment to the class by being members of the association. Let the sailors decide!
  12. Well thanks for that feedback Rohan. I think at this stage the committee should kook at the original data and if any adjustment is warranted then we will take approprita action. We (any body that has helped run an event) understand that communication is not always clear and sometimes misunderstandings happen. We appreciate that you gave of your time so we could all enjoy the fantastic conditions your club put on for us. If you could send me the original data I will put it together for the committee to have the FINAL word on. Who's coming to the fourteen foot regatta! I can't wait! Mark (s
  13. Hi all , on the weekend we had an AGM and the following people were elecled by the members present to represent you. Congradulations to phil Johnson as president. Rodney as vice. Scotty as treasurer. Mark colecliffe as Secretary. Thanks to the previous committee for their efforts. If you have any issues you wish the current committee to consider then please feel free to send correspondence to markcolecliffe@yahoo.com.au and I will ensure that it is dealt with by the committee.
  14. I am sleeping with my boat just to prevent any strange banana behavior . they are slippery suckers . Michael will you be using that over size main of yours or are you going to be legal this year?
  15. Starting to get excited!! am missing my sailing already. bring on some warm weather!
  16. Any 16 sq thinking of attending?? Geoff are any of the Balina boys coming?
  17. Rig changes: If we are going to make any changes maybe we should formalise the small things that already take place: 1. Allow for casting stops to be ground out to a maximum V on the mast base. 2. Formalise that the jib lead anchor points can be inside the hull position rather than on edge of deck. Low cost additional rules: Our class does not allow Barber haulers. "a device to pull jib leads toward the centre line of the boat" definition from YA. What about formalising a system that allows controlling jib leach twist down wind?? this would definitely increase boat performance in winds u
  18. Interested: Windrush have a square top, and spiniker, Arrows have a square top. Paper tigers have coloured sails. F14 have square top, carbon and spinikers. KIDS are not rushing to any of these classes either. Maybe they just don't want to sail 14 foot cats. as far as will different materials make them faster. YES obviously they will. Will that affect results NO. if everybody upgrades then the people who currently go fast will continue to go faster and the people who do not sail fast will probably not significantly improve their boat speed because they are looking for a winged keel to
  19. Hi guys. I am currently living I. NSW attending uni. My 16 sq is on the west coast but will need to do some sailing between now nats at Xmas. Does any one have a platform I can hire or borrow for sept Oct Nov. Happy to insure it and maintain it. I have my own sails. Mark.
  20. Actually Darcy the paper tigers would probably be the most competitive in this sort of event not foamies. your paranoia around foam boats is unjustified. was thinking that no yardsticks make it easier to run.
  21. What if we organised a regatta for 14 foot cats with sprint races, put up $300 for first $200 for second and $100 for third. 400 m long beat with a gate at the bottom and top to break up the fleet one lap with a work to finish. say 5 race in one afternoon and five races the following morning. This sort of racing is not about the fastest boat at all, it is about boat handling, starting and tactics. would be great for spectators as the racing is short and close by. We could also set a no jib rule and not bother with yardsticks as all the boats would be pretty even in theory. Comments !! ju
  22. I have raced PT, Windrush and Maricats. I like them all! they each offer different things for on water sailing. The windi is by far the better boat to trap on and great to sail. The Mari beats the other for comfort when hiking. the tiger allows for the tweakers of this world. The one thing nearly all 14 footers have that the bigger boys do not is ease of rigging and mobility. (convenience) I have also sailed 5.8 and tornados and while these boats offer a performance and thrill that the smaller boats simply can not match, they are monsters to rig and move around. If we are going to promote 1
  23. I am going to Canberra next week and probably to Cooma as well. Can bring it back for you Jim is you want!! Mark
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