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  1. My body weight is better suited to lighter breezes but Andrew and I are very evenly matched over the last 2 seasons with almost tit for tat wins. so I believe that we are seeing a small amount of skipper difference and a small amount of sail difference as well. His boat speed to weather in the light was definatly slower than his sail from last season but his down wind speed seemed a little more competive than last season in similar conditions.
  2. I have no Idea if that is class legal but we should get a ruleing from NACRA prior to Nats. How about it NACRA is a mast rotation control class legal? I noticed that there is a leach line on the new sails. What are the thoughts about when and how to use it??? Can we measure in 2 sails at the Nat measureing then choose one to race with??
  3. Well 3 races down and the jury is out 15-18 knots New sq top won 8-10 knots the Pin head won score Square top 1- Pin Head 2 Still a lot of sailing to go!!!!
  4. If I was to fly over could you find me a good foam windie to sail in states??
  5. Bring on the lesson Bro!!!!!1 What race is the bottle of port on this year??
  6. Hi guys! who is making the trip to Canberra!!!???????????
  7. Thanks Tony. will play with the mast and rubber rake first. These foils don't cavitate or generate air bubbles now, ( i reshaped them last year) because of an injury I at times have to let the tiller go to use that arm to adjust main or traveler. as a result I have set the boat up with no helm going to weather. may have to compromise. I willtry not to T bone you at Canberra this year Tony. regards Mark
  8. I always practice safe sailing!!!am never caught without a rubber on my boat!
  9. Well that is not really what I said but it was a great regatta. I did not win on yard stick a slooped rig windie won. it is rather interesting that they gave me a yardstick of 88 though given that I was sailing my 25 yearold boat with 5 year old sails. there is no way that they would have given a 25 year old windie with dacron sails that yardstick. I did manage to beat the new square tops 5 out of 8 races (soopersloop) frankly given I was the only supersloop to win a race on yardstick I think that they are not sailing them up to their potential yet. not withstanding any of the above it was a
  10. MMMMM You could have problems taking it for a ride it is over here on the west coast. will try moving the mast forward a hole . thanks for the feedback.
  11. Wow Mick Thanks so much you have inspired me yet again to strive for perfection. The whole point is the boat turns very dramatically and then I hit the other boats! I suppose if I was in front it would not be a problem because there would not be any boats around me!! It still has some helm down breeze with only one rubber. is that normal?
  12. Hay Mick maybe we can start a dear mick column!! Here we go! Dear Mick when I sail my old maricat down breeze it is really difficult to sail with both rudders down. There is no helm going to weather and it feels light and easy to steer but down breeze it is a dog with a mind of it's own. CAN YOU HELP ME??
  13. Just wanted to Thank the Guys and Gals at Port Dennison Sailing club for the time and effort they all put in to make a great weekend for the people that sailed this reggata. What a beautiful spot to sail!!!!!!!! Strong winds and flat water does it get any better! Shame the storm last week dumped weed on the beach(shiot happens). I have to say that the new square top sails look brilliant on the boats. (a bit of colour would only make them look better) When we looked at the video footage I really noticed how my green sail stood out making it easy for people on the beach to identify. It was
  14. Well, My thoughts are that I will be coming to Canberra Regatta at the end of Oct so coming back over 2 to 3 weeks later will be hard for me. apart from that happy to sail anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  15. You can't call 3 boats a nationals.
  16. Brett Burvill 0407944060 F16 Gary Gornall 0417919854 F17 F18 Worth giving both a call as they both deal in second hand boats.
  17. Brett Burvill from Windrush had a nice F16 for sail. I raced it at Busselton last year. very nice little boat. could get hooked on using a spinaker. not sure if it is still for sail. There was also an f14 at Neds for sale not sure where that is now. If you are looking for a new boat the new NACRA 17 may be the way to go as it is the new olyimpic class. What are you looking for? 2 man or 1 man, spinker or no? budget?
  18. Well there is no agent that I am aware of. Also the f16 and f18 struggle to get enough numbers The 16 sq is what the one man boats seem to favor because there is a fleet of them, the 5.8 has a bit of a showing as well as windrush 14. not to mention the tornado and yvonne fleets. take the small amount of cat sailors in the state and spread them over that many classes and none of us has great numbers. I can think of nothing worse for cat sailing in WA than introducing yet another class.
  19. Hi Any Maricats in WA or Perth area other than me??? my ph is 0416122988 call if you are interested in talking cats! Mark
  20. Well we had our presentation night on Saturday night so now we can release the results!!! Was a great evening thanks to all that contributed even if your contribution was just attending! 16sq results: John Peatling 23 points Colin Bronnocks 18 points Brad Taylor 17 points Andrew Pope 7 points Mark Colecliffe 7 points Open Yardstick Helen Minards (windrush 14) 40 Mark Wallis (5.8) 37 John Peatling (16sq) 27 Cameron waters (5.8) 24 Collin Bronnocks (16sq) 19 Brad Taylor (16sq) 18 Andrew
  21. I have found them very good! I hae noed dived mine but it was in 25knt plus and all the boats were nosediving. not sure how the new square tops will affect it.
  22. Beautiful looking work geof. shame to have to sell them.
  23. Hi Geof. is a difficult situation! you buy into a one design class and find that it is not one design. This situation is not unusual. The Maricats had a similar dilema when they upgrading thier sails and then went to foam sanwhich hulls. Windrush has just introduced a square top which will have a similar impact. I don't have an answer! this will effectivley create two fleets at our club and like you I race this class specifically to create a level playing field for fun racing. I can see that some of our fleet will become disalusioned and spit the dummy. (I don't blame them) I would not
  24. the masts are heavy on all the boats. you keep on looking for a bit of a miracle to make that boat go bro. you will need it come xmass.
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