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  1. But how can I tell what the angles are. And when to stop pulling the rope for the angles. .
  2. So how are people to reply to you. contact details if you are serious. or email.
  3. From your kids Trampoline in the back yard. You get lots of bounce from it to.
  4. naaa your all wrong. Just push the tiller away from you. Pull the main sheet on harder to. Problem solved .
  5. Gold coast. Holleywell sailing club.
  6. Go and bye some happy pills Glider. The bloke can try to sell his boat any he want to and you cant stop him.
  7. 21st December 2010 01:32 AM #1 Coremeister 2 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Add as Contact Junior Member Bye it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Date:Mar 2009 Location:Ipswich, Qld, Austraila Posts:18Nacra 16sq - Current National Champion My Nacra 16sq, Sail No 29 will be for sale after the Nacra Nationals in Port Stephens. This boat is the current 2010 National Champion Was the Qld State Champion in 2008. The boat was completely restored in 2007 and has been sto
  8. How good is this boat??? cheep
  9. I will give you the answer. STUFFED
  10. Someone by it. Micky need the commision>
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