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  1. " Bubbles " sale price has been reduced . Was $9,950 now $ 8,500. Good boat for the price and still completely competitive with a competent skipper. Only 3 seasons old and not sailed for this season. Tramp has just been restiched with new webbing installed. Near new side stays only used several times.
  2. Hi Ziggy, I tried to email you however they bounce back.. Please call
  3. Hi ziggy, I have 2 x 4.5 nacras and am willing to part with one. Bubbles is 3 years old and is in very good condition. Squeak was new and was delivered after the start of this new season. I an sure one of the two should fit the bill. Ph 0421688494
  4. Yes bubbles is for sale. Been replaced by squeak a new 4.5 so if you want a great little boat in excellent condition here she is. Boat only $7900
  5. Hi Shane, Jumping from a Hobie 14 to a 5.2 is almost going sideways as both are getting very long in the tooth . A very good choice if you were wishing to sail solo is a Nacra 4.5 with the new mylar rig. Well sailed this boat will match a Hobie 16 or a mid fleet Nacra16sq. Check out the race times in the mixed fleet results at the Gold Coast cat week, the results speak for themselves. Benefits of the 4.5 are many, light weight for easy righting after capsize, no dagger boards, can carry two people easily, plus it is still a current boat with an expanding racing fleet.
  6. Hi Peter8, I am happy to hear you love your 5.0 , they are a great boat. South east Queensland Nacra titles on at Southport this weekend, why not come along. You will need a crew however as one up and cat rigged is not class legal.
  7. Good question, I race a 4.5 sports single handed however have raced two up on many occasions. The 4.5 was developed as a father and son combination and is still a great choice for that purpose in fact when the wind speed goes past about 15 knots they are actually faster with a bit more crew weight. As regards the 5.0 it is purely a two person boat and cannot be raced one up. As regards numbers of boats racing , the 4.5 is much more popular in Queensland and N.S.W than the 5.0 however cannot comment on your part of the world. My oponion is go the 4.5 and when your son gets too big, get anothe
  8. Come to Bundy if you want to sail in a very competative fleet. We have Nacra's 5.8, 16 sq, 4.5 ,Taipans, amd Hobie 16's. Not unuaual to get 15 boats on the water for a normal Saturday.
  9. Hi Brett, I have just realised that upon transfering the insurance to my new boat "Bubbles " is uninsured and ineligible to compete at a regatta. Sorry
  10. Raising the mast from the front is a simple matter. Firstly acertain how level the hulls are from side to side, attach the front stays and the side stay on the higher side hull.If the boat is completely level just prop it with a couple of life jackets. The mast will sit at an angle to the hulls at first however upon lifting holding pressure on the mast which will hold the side stay taught simply lift the mast until lhe front stays are tight . Grab the one remaining stay which will be the lower side stay and the mast will sit there until you fix the stay to the hull. I lift my nacra from the tr
  11. I will be there with " Squeak" . I still have bubbles if anyone wishes to sail a 4.5
  12. " Bubbles" is for sale . Well looked after and in very good condition . Only two seasonds old . Boat is very quick and does well in all fleets . New one on the way so she has to go . My email is r.c@all-safe.c
  13. Yes that is correct, the legendary " BUBBLES" is for sale . New 4.5 on the way so she needs a new home . " BUBBLES" is in excellent condition and needs no repairs . Has been under cover entire life except on raceday . Waxed and polished regularly and only two seasons old . Save thousands on a new boat . Comes with factory trailer beach rollers and sailbox (large marine plywood). $ 9800.oo. contact via email r.c@all-safe.com.au
  14. Could i interrest you in a two year old Nacra 4.5 ?
  15. I wish to persue the idea of building a F16 Razor Blade designed by phill Brander however have had no sucess in contacting him . Doed any one know his contact details? Is there any feedback on the Razor Blade design and overall performance ?
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