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  1. Hutcho, Is there a number on the sail? Who's make is the sail?
  2. Rob, Looks interesting. Can you upload more photos? What were the dimensions you worked with? Would you see the class moving to a new set of dimensions or just opening up the rules to a set of maximums to work inside so that each crew can come up with a sail that suits their weight, conditions, etc? Matt
  3. Humpybong Yacht Club will host a major regatta over the Australia Day long weekend. 26-28th January 2013 will see a fantastic regatta for all off-the-beach classes. Check out the NOR here.
  4. Still available. Photos from this year's Nationals for those interested. [ATTACH=CONFIG]700[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]701[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]702[/ATTACH]
  5. Remo, Any chance to see some photos? What is the boat number?
  6. Matthew, I've tried to contact LCSC about the results. They have so far only posted the first six races. Hope they put the last race up soon. Cobra 524
  7. Cobra #524 - Shadow for sale. This race ready Cobra is in great condition and currently de-tuned for one up racing. (Could be put back in two up mode with all gear included.) With a near new set of sails and brand new tramp this is a reluctant sale. On a galvanised trailer registered til 11/12 with a three section gear box to fit all the running gear and as much camping gear as you can find. A great boat with a solid history, perfect for someone wanting to get into racing with this fun family class. Asking $3500 Located Woody Point Qld Contact Matthew on humpybongyachtclub@yahoo.com.au
  8. Paul, Don't feel that you have to keep up with Robbie at the Nationals. I'd always appreciate some company at the back of the fleet...... Cobra524
  9. Anyone else out there planning on sailing one-up at the Nationals this year?
  10. Any SE QLD Cobras out there keen to get together to train before the Nationals? It's been a while since we had a Cobra Titles up here, state or nationals.
  11. Thanks for the help everyone. I finally got a chance to get back on the water today. I reset everything to "factory default" (used the new users manual from cobracat.com) and then got out on the water and... it worked. Four years of casual tinkering and listening to everyone who had an opinion on what I was doing wrong and only sailing a couple of times a year obviously pushed all the setup into a dim dark hole at one extreme of the design that made it completly un-sailable. So... back to a clean slate and see if I can learn what I need to know before you all come up north at Christmas. Look
  12. Brian, thanks for that vote of confidence. Yes my size is an issue in nearly any class I could sail. Short of cutting my legs off there is not much I can do. Even after 12 months of training the lightest I ever got to was 97kg and that was after a week of gastro!
  13. There has been much debate at HYC on the issue of mast rake on the Cobra. On the suggestion of yourself and another Vic cobra sailor I tried it forward but was promptly talked out of it by a number of local sail makers and F18/A-class sailors. They insisted I take the mast rake back to get the COE back over the tramp (although not as much as the hobie 16s do). To date I haven't had a great deal of success with either approach. What us the logic of pushing the COE forward as per your suggestion?
  14. After having spent very little time on the water due to work commitments these past years I am really looking forward to getting back on the boat to get ready for this year's nationals. With appropriate crew thin on the ground (at least in a form willing to spend 4 months training with an out of practice skipper) I have decided to try and focus on sailing one-up. However... At 6'6" and well over 110kg I have all the righting moment I need to balance a two sail setup. I know however that the rules only permit sailing one-up without the Jib. Can any othe Cobra sailors with one-up experience giv
  15. Sorry to hear the stingrays won't be joining us. Does anyone know when we could expect the NOR to come out? Just keen to get everything locked away early.
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