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  1. Factory demo and winner of 2016 Adelaide nationals. has not been sailed since. Kept covered. Brand new set of sails, never been used. 2 piece mast for ease of transport. Rudder covers. Price dropped in time for the WA nationals later this year. $6500 available to view in Bunbury, can assist with travel in WA. Gary 0417919854
  2. Nationals NOR and entry form can be found here. 2 containers being organised from Queensland. Contact Brisbane Cat Centre to book your spot in either the Brisbane or Townsville Container.
  3. The 39th NACRA nationals will be run in Western Australia. The host club is Jervoise Bay Sailing Club, just south of Fremantle. Registration 30th December 2017 and final heats and presentation 5th January 2018 NOR will be available shortly. any questions can be sent to goosemarine@aapt.net.au
  4. Brisbane Catamaran Centre (Nacra Australia) 0733754911 Ring and give eye to eye measurements and end types required.
  5. 2nd hand gear available at the nationals. includes lightly used 16sq, square top pentax main. Good condition for anyone looking to upgrade prior to the event. 16sq spinnaker kit with near new spinnaker, includes pole, bag, pulleys, forestay, most ropes, just needs a few bits to fit. These bits and a few other's. Look for notice to be posted at the nationals. Only available at the nationals unless sold locally prior.
  6. The WA Nacra State Titles will be sailed as part of the Koombana Bay Sailing Club regatta. March 5th and 6th. additional regatta race 7th (not part of our series.) NOR at http://www.goosemarine.com.au/blog/ Yardstick and championship for all Nacra's.
  7. Mick Anything will tow a windrush, no difference to a 6*4 trailer. But any towing done under load should always be in a lower gear and never in top gear. For this reason try to get something that is a 5 or 6 speed. I tow a F18 all the way across the Nullarbor every year in a 5 speed ford ute, but unless I have a tail wind I am in 4th gear all the way. Yes adds a little to fuel, but doesn't hurt the transmission.
  8. Nacra make two sizes of quick release. A small one for maricat and 350 rudder arms and a larger one for Nacra rudder arms. Take care to put the right size one on the right size arm.
  9. Nacra 16sq #208 and #218 are available for purchase in WA. Both boats come with galvanised trailer, sail box and beach rollers. Boats are in Bunbury. 0417919854 for details. $4800 for #208. See gumtree for photos.
  10. Funny thing with insurance and if they payout on the policy. ie write the boat off. All equipment then belongs to the insurance company. Includes trailer and all other items nominated on the policy or a normal part of the boat ie sails etc. They may sell the gear back to you or tender it off. Never under insure and assume you will recover the non damaged items, as the insurance company writes off the policy if the repairs exceed the insured amount and takes it all. How do I know, been there had to buy my own gear back from the insurance company, including undamaged trailer, sails, mast etc
  11. The first visiting boat arrived yesterday for the Bunbury Nationals. Its not too late to be a part of this event, we still have a good 16sq available for charter. Expecting 30+ boats, with boats coming from Nth Qld, Sth Qld, NSW and SA, plus local boats. Contact me if your keen to sail the 16SQ thats available.
  12. Shane Put both footstraps behind the back beam. If you already have one just behind the beam put the other one right at the back. Allows crew and skipper to "hookin" by crossing legs, ie skipper in rear footstrap and front leg on side of hull, crew in forward footstrap over the skippers front leg. Do not install a hatch in any area that you will be sitting in. They will break regually as they are not designed to be sat on, etc.
  13. The Townsville container is loaded and on its way to Brisbane. More boats being loaded in Brisbane and then its on to Bunbury. Planning is nearly completed, but its still not too late to be part of this big event. We have a couple of crew positions available and also a skipper position on a Nacra 5.8.
  14. Mojoaus222 send me an e.mail goosemarine@aapt.net.au I have a brand new one but also can source a couple of 2nd hand boards. If your in NSW or Qld contact your local Nacra dealer first.
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