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  1. Yep we had 10 cobras there! The total weekend was Great! Got to love lake boga! Great wind, Nice and warm, No Rain! AND ... NO blue green algae ! To all those who missed out on this great easter event, Better luck next year
  2. Its Pirate who is doing a great job! Thanks Again Pirate I'll try and see what i can do in the back end, maybe a system update is in order!
  3. Hey Guys, Cobra 581 - Sweet Dreams is for sale, This one is my pride and joy! Took two years to build and assemble. Hulls Originally built by Larry Fay and then Assembled by Rick Nixon and myself, Came 2nd at last nationals and has won national titles before! Very quick boat in the right hands! Come with un registered trailer. Can sell without trailor or without rig if someone if looking to upgrade, Comes with 1 x Pin Head and 1 x Square head! Great boat - Pick up from Braeside VIC 3195 Make an Offer!
  4. Hey Guys, Cobra 569 - Dream On is for sale, Hulls Originally built by Craig Con and then Assembled by Rick Nixon, Was re-beamed by Rick Nixon a couple of years ago, Hasn't been on the water alot since then! Very quick boat in the right hands! Come with un registered trailer. Can sell without trailor or without rig if someone if looking to upgrade, Also have a square head for this if you are interested! Great boat - Pick up from Braeside VIC 3195 Make an Offer!
  5. Sorry guys, I'll look into the back end see what i can do to stop for a while, Please keep hiting those report buttons
  6. We have a few old Cobra Catamarans that need doing up if anyone is interested, Located Braeside VIC 3195
  7. The 2013-2014 National Championships will be held in conjunction with the Arrow Catamaran & Arafura Catamaran National Championships at the Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club from 4th-10th January 2014. Hope to see you there!
  8. i just bought a length from another place and it was $16+gst for the same length Bugga!
  9. Hey Jeff, Try now should be fixed Thanks, Robbie.
  10. Hey guys, So iv decided the best way is to delete all members than had 0 posts, We've just deleted over 100 000 "hibernated" members accounts, 99% of them where probably spam accounts, This should stop 99 % of the spam, We now also have a better registration system in place as well Let me know if anyone finds any spam and if you want anything else changed
  11. Yep, The problem i am told is that there are alot of members that are "hibernated" and they can come out at any point, This software has alot better registration settings to stop spammers signing up, However there are already alot of people who have signed up who are probably spammers. I am hoping over the next week that 99% of them will spam and then we can ban them and stop it for once and all! I have cleaned up the shed a bit, If you find any spam please do report it Thanks, Robert
  12. Hey Guys, Yes I too have been having problems geting to the website, We should be all good now! Don't think we have lost many posts in the transfer, We are still fixing up a couple of bugs but we are on a new server with new software
  13. Hey Guys, Some of you may have noticed the forums and website been slow lately, And Sometimes a funny message down the bottom with a heap of jumble jumble on it, The current server we are using to run the forums and website is under alot of load and need to be upgraded (again i know) So we have decided to also get some new software, As I am not 100% happy with this software that we are currently using and upgraded to. During the next week the website will be moved and you may not be able to access the forums for a short period, Thanks, Robert Nixon
  14. Hey Guys, Sorry about all the spam, Just so you know there is a image verification when you sign up as well as having to verify your email address before you can post, We also have a "Spam Bot" called Akismet, And that stops about 85% of the spam that gets posted, The other 15% is what you guys see, I will have a play with the software tonight and see what else we can do, Always open to suggestions Thanks,
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