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  1. G Cat 5m, mast 8.3m, ideal for family takes 2 adults with 3 children on front tramp, great family fun or fast boat with 2 crew, 2 trapezes (never used), 2 good mainsails, good jib plus second jib in ok condition as spare, tramps both good condition, trailer 10m rego good nick, greasable caps to bearings, new double rollers. Good unit with no known faults except slight wear to keels, watertight hulls, I have made up a bracket on transom between hulls for small outboard motor (not included) makes great platform for estuary fishing or kids diving pontoon. Garaged at Gosford or sail from Rathmines
  2. Darcy, I know Mannering Park well, will keep your phone number, thanks - Geoff
  3. Thanks for that, guess it was obvious that I should have removed the bolt - probably lucky I havnt done damage; a good southerly may have 'twisted' it off. Will read up on the mast spanner, not familar with the term, but have the basics on its purpose - Thanks again for your help
  4. Have the above, 5m length main and front tramp, ideal for family/grandkids, no serious sailing/racing. Querry is with mast, it has a extension on the base (about 20cm), hole in the end, extends towards aft of cat. There is a cutout in the main/rear tramp apparently to allow for this extension when lifting the mast. Second querry is mast connection with hull. Mast mount is a ball with a bolt port to starboard through the ball. Procedure is to position mast on ball, raise to about 30degrees then fit bolt which is essential to secure mast when raising. When mast is raised the bolt/nut is probably
  5. Steve, still available, surprised that I have not had any enquiry to date. Call me on mobile or landline 4362.3440 for further details and inspection - Geoff
  6. Good hulls, mast and rigging. Fair sail and tramp. Spent $300 on registered trailer, new tyres, jockey wheel and hitch, repacked bearings. Asking $700. Geoff 0419 228.404 - Gosford Central Coast Sold for $650 - Geoff
  7. Sound hulls, rigging and jib. Fair tramp and main. Float on top of mast. Good gal trailer - 2 new tyres, hitch and wind up jockey wheel, 12m rego. Purchased to upgrade 12m ago, started on trailer then purchased a 5m G-Cat which is more suitable for self/grandkids. Ready to go but I have never had it in water. Suggest $800. Location Gosford or can view at Rathmines by arrangement. Phone Geoff 0419.228404.
  8. Member '157' will keep your details on file, thanks - Geoff
  9. Emmessee, thanks for info. Did 'your' GCat have hull storage (mine has no access) also a front (ie second) trampoline as mine has - Geoff
  10. Have just bought a GCat, dims. about 5m x 2.4m, mast about 8m, dual trapeze. All in good condition new sails/tramp so dont expect any immediate problem with replacing parts. Wont have a chance for a few weeks to take it out. Vendor said he thought it was built in Hawai. Have bought it to give my grandkids sailing experience, my last small boats were cats, Hobie 14's must have been 30+ years back. Anyone with any knowledge of a GCat or where I might get replacement parts in the future? Also while waiting for the GCat to become available I bought a Caper Cat 14 - hull, rigging, mast, jib, reg. t
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