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  1. The Milang Regatta Club is holding it's Annual Easter Regatta on Saturday 19th and Sunday the 20th of April 2014. Milang is situated on Lake Alexandrina and is a great place to sail with fresh flat water. 11:00 am and 1:30 pm Back to back races. Lunch available at the Club. Saturday Evening Meal at the Club.
  2. .Lake Alexandrina Goolwa to Milang. More information. www.milangregattaclub.com.au
  3. Lake Alexandrina "The Classic" is back on. Come for the Race, stay for the party. Saturday Feb 22 2014. Entries at: www.theclassic2014.com
  4. Thanks for the information. The Exploder looks interesting and would certainly make a new A Class a lot more affordable. Around 12500 euro around $19,000. A much more realistic price. The mark 4 with a carbon mast yardstick should be around 71.5.
  5. Can anyone explain the major differences in performance and improvements of the Boyer mk4, Auscat Flyer 1, Geltek Flyer 2. Also differences in rudders, centreboards (high aspect), masts (fiberfoam medium, heavy sections).What sort of price are these cats worth now that the DNA seems to be the A to have.
  6. Also rudder rake any recommended settings? [This message has been edited by shorty (edited 03 December 2003).]
  7. Have just purchased a Taipan 4.9 that was set up as a Sloop. After any info on cat rig tuning. ie: Mast rake, spreader adjustment, differences in sails,mast etc. The front bridle connections are angled for a sloop connection, can these be bent up to suit the twin forestay's used on cat rigs.. Any info would be aprreciated [This message has been edited by shorty (edited 03 December 2003).]
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