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  1. I have an old Tornado that I set up for the first time yesterday.  I couldn't make sense of the mainsheet setup.   It runs from the traveler up to the back of the boom as it normally would and then runs along the boom to a block that is free to run along a line, and from the mid block the sheet goes further forward to another block at the front of the boom making a 180 degree trun and back to the mid block and out.   Have I made a mess of it or just missing something small?  Perhaps the cleat at the front of the book that has the small outhall rope at the moment is meant to be the main sheet cleat.  THey are very big to hold the small outhall line. 

    Does anybody have any suggestions?  


     IMG_2748 (1).JPG

    IMG_2747 (1).JPG




    IMG_2745 (1).JPG

    IMG_2743 (1).JPG

  2. Hope this helps


    The cord for the starbord hull runs from hole 1 on port hull out through hole 1 (your drawring numbering convention) starbord hull and then to the centre board. My cords are just tied through the top of the centre board no plastic hooks.

    The end cap to the front beam has the trapeze cord comming out through it.

    I got my replcement cord from Brisbane Catamaran Centre. Buy extra cord to make it easier to pull through.

    A question for you Theburna, do you have shock cord between the jib travelers, if so how is this set up? And also does your boat have a vang, mine came with one but it was not fitted to the boat and looks unused?

  3. There was a link on this forum I found a few months ago for a sailmaker that did taipan sails (im looking to get a new main and considering the cut down taipan sail for my hydra)

    I cant seem to find the link any more.

    Can anyone help. i think it was a USA sail maker that did three levels of sails, from standard (old style) through to modern cut of sail.

    Any leads i will be thankful for.

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