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  1. Hello All, Last January I was sailing my good old Hobie 14 on Lake Macquarie when I unfortunately turtled it. A kind man in a speed boat offered me assistance in righting her, but in my poor explanation he gunned his boats engine, and pulled the tow rope through the starboard hull, taking not only a fair inch of fiberglass with the rope but also distorting the hulls shape to an irreparable degree. Would anybody have any contacts or be willing to sell me a starboard hull or a set of hulls in any condition, so long as they are still in one piece so I can get her back on the water? Any assi
  2. Hello all, I am seriously considering building a new Mosquito from scratch, but due to my students budget I am keen to find some secondhand foils, sails and rigging. If anybody has any advice on where I could buy these parts second hand I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers
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