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  1. With mine like that, when you release the outside bolt (i.e. the other one on that hull) then there was enough movement to allow me to get a socket on it. Note: I didn't do it, I watched Mark and Mick do it a year ago, so there may have been some other magic that I didn't spot them doing as a newbie.
  2. I was looking forward to the weekend, but once again was plagued by some bad luck with a tyre shredding itself while traveling on the F3/M1 heading to Mannering Park on Saturday. Having no spare it took a while to get sorted. Having been bitten once I thought it would be a good idea to change the other tyre as well once I got back to Sydney, they had previously appeared in a similar state and I was going to replace them across winter -- that much excitement is quite the motivator. It turns out that while the other wheel was good except for a little surface rust on the outside, the second on
  3. Good news on the lumps and bumps, a phrenologist would have enough material for several conferences! I was worrying more about protecting my dodgy work so it doesn't fall off after only 2 sails :-)
  4. Hi, I've developed some new skills recently: how not to fiberglass, how not to flowcoat, how not to sand. Which means I have a several repairs that are "done" (quotes so I don't have to write poorly) and I'm after some recommendations of what people put on as a surface treatment -- I'm assuming something like polish/wax would be appropriate. Does it really matter? 2 of the repairs are on the top of the hulls and one longer one is on the hull i.e. in water. All contributions appreciated; so close to being back on the water again.
  5. I have attempted to put some formatting back in to make this information a little easier for me to read (got lost in change of web servers?) and have attached it in case anyone else finds it useful. Maricat.rtf
  6. Big thanks to Darcy and the other folks at Mannering Park for making me feel welcome and passing on information. Looks like I will be back again this weekend -- caught the bug :-) and a lead on a boat.
  7. Thanks Darcy that is a really attractive offer and I will be endeavoring to make that happen this weekend.
  8. Wow, Thanks for the quick responses. It sounds like either boat will work, I had been wondering if I needed to be looking for a Nacra 4.5 for solo rigging (more expensive and harder to find); now I just have to find one nearish to Sydney.
  9. Sorry to hijack your thread artsailedgreen, I too am looking to get back into cat sailing after many years/decades away (only ever been casual). This time round I need something that I can easily launch on my own and often with little time, so when Prince Planet mentioned that the Windrush 14 is ok to rig on your own, does anyone have an idea of the time to go from trailer to sailing a Windrush 14 on your own? While I will be mostly sailing on my own and looking for a fun challenge (i.e. fast ) I'd like to be able to take one or two others out for gentle cruises on occasion, which I think
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