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  1. Maybe originally, but mine has nuts- no alloy plate (yeah most of my other caper cats had the plate).
  2. Don't worry. There's nuts glassed in the hulls. Now to get the snapped bolts out...
  3. Hi guys, I've grabbed my second caper cat and am doing a full restoration and have a few questions now and likely a few more down the track. Firstly, the beam bolts - without taking a saw to the hulls, does anyone know how the bolts are secured inside? Is the bolt thread glassed in or are there nuts on the inside, or were there bolt heads on the inside? I can see many holes with thread and a couple of bolts with thread sticking out - not really sure how to tackle re-attaching hulls to beam... Who has seen the insides of a. Caper cat 14 hull before?
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