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  1. If i had of known about this a month ago I would have been all for it. Instead the missis and I are sailing in sydney that sunday. Oh well next year I guess. For anyone looking at going though, the nowra guys are very freindly and knowledgeable accross many different class's if your looking at going but not very experienced.
  2. Hey Pointed, I was really looking forward to heading down over the weekend and meet some of you guys however it just didnt go that way. Dispite the over cast it looked like you guys had a bit of fun in the clips that were put up on facebook. If theres anyone that is down Nowra Jervis bay way Im sailing down at the vincentia sailing club at the moment with my mari. Although it'll be off the water for a few weeks getting repaired.
  3. Cheers guys, I've had to trim the 'wings' down on the port side but the STBD one I had to cut them off altogether. Just thought I'd put it out there to find out what people were doing.
  4. Hey mick, If its any help my old man used to tow his old 12ft windy with his old mini clubman and he lived in kiama and used to take it everywhere on holidays. Having said all that, that was back in the 80's.
  5. Cheers Jimbo, I was looking at changing them over to something a little lower profile then the standard however the lower profile ones seem to be stainless (which isnt bad) however the way to insert most of them is with a flaty which doesnt help that much given access is the problem.
  6. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone else has any problems inserting and removing there bungs. I always find that my rudder pin gets in the way to the point I have to take out my STBD rudder off altogether. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  7. We slid a stanley knife blade in the seam and it only went in about 3 mm and stopped at the worst place so fingers crossed itll hold.
  8. Hey Guys. Thanks for all the help and advice. My dad was down over the weekend and we had a better look at the mari I picked and we decided after cleaning it up and doing a bit of a test around the gunwhale and all over the deck we decided that we would change over the hulls and use the new ones. So we cleaned it all up and put it back together with a bit of goop in on the joins. We also removed and cleaned up the mast plate on the forward beam, its amazing how corroded they are underneath. The problem that I have is on the STBD hull theres the rivot repair that doesnt look very good and doe
  9. Tim731

    New Cat

    The repair of the new cat
  10. Thanks for the advice. I won't need to do the rudder pintles they have been done on both hulls already. I was trying to avoid putting hatch covers in that's why I was looking at splitting the deck and hull. Are the staples just there to hold it all in place while the glue drys between them?? I don't have a compressor to do an air leak test so I think filling them with water and going along with a chronograph pencil might be the go.
  11. No worries. I will do. How do you go about colour matching the deck back to yellow though?? That's the main reason I wasn't going to do that. Also both hulls take on a fair amount of water. And I'm pretty certain that it's from under the black rubber as I've sealed up the tramp track already. Cheers
  12. If just added the pics Darcy there in a gallery.
  13. Tim731

    AFT Stay Cracking

    Some Pics of the repaired but still cracking
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