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  1. No probs - we are happy to drive as far as Gold Coast to meet but no further
  2. Nacra 16 Square For Sale PLAYTIME 70 Pin top main sail near new Beach wheels Trailer with 2 sail boxes with 12 months rego Two masts - one near new $5000 Email: janey.bedford@bigpond.com for more info and pictures
  3. Woops - only one new sail sorry. Thought he had the old one still but doesn't
  4. Hi there Hubby has a 16 sq he would like to sell. It comes on registered trailer, has two storage containers, two masts and two sails - one mast and sail has only been used a couple of times. Looking round $5,000. Located in Bundaberg Qld. Could do with a new tramp soon but we could replace that before selling if needed. Can email/text photos
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