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  1. I have a paper tiger confirmed number 571 Name of Cat is "Beligerent" is there any way of finding out the history with this information ? Cheers Brocky
  2. Stripped one hull back to the bone it revealed a few war scars from over the years but nothing that can't be repaired one too go then start the fairing followed by undercoat and then the gelcoat slow progress but will keep you updated
  3. Hi all I am new to this site and thought you might be interested in my rebuild of a paper tiger I purchased recently for $50. I have restored about 22 power boats over the past 10 years as a hobby and have a passion for it. In my younger years I used to love sailing cats down on the swan river in Perth WA . I now have young kids of my own and would love for them to enjoy this also so decided to buy this cat as my next project and get my oldest son to help me in this restoration project I know very little about paper tigers hence posting on this site the one I purchased is plywood in constuct
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