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  1. G'day Kingy, thanks for the detailed reply. First up, some info on myself as requested. I'm 43, and I'm an aircraft engineer by trade. I'm pretty handy with most materials, and generally pretty quick to pick up new skills where needed. I don't have much experience with fibreglass, but have friends and family that do. I only recently learned that a sail can just be considered an airfoil that uses the same aerodynamic principles as an aircraft wing, and suddenly things started making a lot more sense. I've never really given it much thought before other than the wind pushes on the sail
  2. Aaahh! Thanks for clearing that up. I obviously read your previous post incorrectly.
  3. Thanks for the great replies. I weigh 85kg so it sounds like a 14ft would be good for solo but no good for two adults. Eragon, you confused me a little. You said the cats that come to mind are just above the 14ft class, but then you said they will not perform well with two adults. Is there a typo in there or am I misunderstanding something? In early January, after the new year, I plan to contact some clubs and maybe some people on here who where kind enough to give me their number to call. In the meantime, I want to try and learn as much as I can so t
  4. Thanks darcy1945. My parents actually live on the central coast near Toukley, so I'm up that way quite a bit. When you say "club dinghys", are you talking about a single hull sail boat, or is that a generic term to include the cats? From what I'm understanding, the cats are easier to sail and less prone to capsizing. Is that correct?
  5. Thanks for the replies jimbo and Rohan. I posted a reply but I seem to have lost it. jimbo, you make some good point, I was only thinking of the competitive nature of racing. I suppose you could learn a lot in that sort of environment. I will get in contact with some clubs to see which would best suit me. Do any clubs have "club" boats that can be used by members or do you generally need your own boat? Rohan, I may call you after the new year for some advice and maybe see your boats. Thanks for the offer. John
  6. Thanks for the reply jimbo. I might give some clubs a call. I'm at Camden in southwest Sydney, so maybe the clubs at Illawarra might be easier for me to get to. I just can't get excited about racing. I don't have a competitive nature at all, so the whole racing thing would be lost on me. I just want to have a bit of fun sailing around. From what you've said, it seems like I should be able to find a boat at a reasonable price with some money left over for maybe some lessons or something like that.
  7. Hello, my name is John. I just joined this forum. I'm thinking about buying a cat to have a bit of fun with. I'm an total novice at sailing. My sailing experience consists of 2 outings on a Hobie Wave (I think) at a resort on my own. Had a great time. And one outing with my wife about 12 years ago again at a resort. I'm not sure what boat that was. I don't think it was a Hobie. From memory it was about 14ft. We had a great time back then too. Can anybody offer any advice on what I should look for in a boat? I'm not even sure what budget I should allow for. I'm thinking for a first boa
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