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  1. I’m wondering where do I tie off the jib halyard after it comes down through the bottom of the zipper. The forestay chain plate has a pulley at the base, so I’m assuming the halyard passes through the pulley to gain tension, but I can’t figure out where to tie it off after that. I’ve tried passing it through the chainplate holes and then tying off the excess, but find after 10-20mins of sailing the luff tension decreases and the jib starts crease up. Any tips/pics would be much appreciated.
  2. Sweet, thanks for the tip, I’ve sailed southern end of Wallis lake, will have to check out GLSC. Newcastle sounds hectic, love the idea of throwing a bit of ocean swell into the mix. Port Stephens looks like a fairly protected bay too. Might have to invest in a book showing the best campsites
  3. Planning winter road trip from Jervis Bay to Cairns with my newly acquired 14ft beach cat and a yet to be aquired root top tent. Looking for recommendations of camping/sailing spots along the way.. eg lakes, beaches, rivermouths.. ideally where I can leave the boat rigged for a day or two in line of sight from the campgrounds.
  4. I’m looking to buy a catamaran and would appreciate some input: I will mostly be sailing solo, but occasionally with my 6yo daughter in light conditions, and with a mate when it gets breezy. I’m 29yo, 6ft6, 100kg and have lots of experience. I used to own a Hobie 18 (LOVED IT) but it was a little bit too big to setup and sail solo and I could not reliably find crew so I want something that is: a) light enough to drag up and down the beach and rig by myself b) buoyant enough for a combined crew weight of up to 180kg b) fast enough to not get
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