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  1. Evening All, Back from holiday, new job is great and back into the Cobra repair. Looking at the image you can see darker lines which indicate where I routed out the cracks. Started fairing to remove some of the low spots and get a smoother surface before painting. You can also see where I glassed the transoms previously. Need to do some fairing there as well. Bought the high build so expect to try out the spray gun soon. Mac
  2. Evening All, I have dug out and glassed all the visible cracks and bogged and faired half. I'll sand back and bog the rest tomorrow. Then fair and hopefully undercoat the hulls Tuesday. Then pulling up so we can go on vacation. A cruise around Tassie followed by a week in Melbourne. Get back 18th Feb and start a new job Monday 22nd. Dropped into the Tinaroo sailing club an caught up with our friend who now sails an A class cat that he has set up with homemade foils. There was also a foiling Moth having a ball. Hhhmmm. Foiling Cobra? Mac
  3. This option wasn't around when I last had the Cobra on the water. Ok apart from the measurements, what are the differences in performance and what mods are needed to accomodate this sail on the standard rig. For instance, I assume because both sails are the same area, the square top would have a shorter foot. Is the boom shortened or left full length. Any advantage for a crew weight of 150kg? What are they worth and are there any secondhand ones on the market yet? Might be interested in one, once I get back on the water. Mac
  4. Evening Guys, Having an easy day and used up my Christmas vouchers for Big W and Bunnings buying stuff for the project and shed in general. I sanded back the bog jobs and my 20 year old orbital sander final gave up the ghost. Pity this didn't happen before I went shopping. Got a chance to try out the sanding part of the Renovator. Worked ok but a lot slower. Then the brand new vacuum cleaner which I hook up to the Triton vacuum dust collection system, decided to play silly buggers so it will be going back. As soon as the vacuum stopped sanding dust appeared on the work. Never realise
  5. Evening All, Gotta love the tropics. I got the whole deck done in a day. I started by pulling some woven glass cloth apart to have individual strands, bit like long chopped mat. I then half filled the cavities with epoxy and pressed a reasonable amount of strands into the epoxy until wetted out. This had all dried to tacky by lunch so I applied the bog during the afternoon. I also veed out some cracks in the centerboard which were in non critical areas and bogged them up as well. Pulled out the renovator which had been on the shelf gathering dust since I bought it 12 months
  6. Thanks Matthew, I had read the first thread verbatum before starting my project and now thanks to you I have done the same with the second. I took to the cracks on the deck with the router this afternoon and coated the exposed timber with epoxy when I finished. Plan to have the decks ready for final sanding by Wednesday so I can start on the walls. Really enjoying myself. Mac
  7. Thanks arjay, I have all the pieces. I see the association has introduced square topped mains. What next? Spinnaker? Mac
  8. Morning Everyone, This morning I downloaded the photos of the repairs. What I did was rake out the cracks I found with a pick. This convinced me that the cracks were only in the first layer of ply. On the larger areas I'll use the wider router bit so the repair will be part way over the stringer. These are routed to a depth of 2 layers af the 3 ply. the smaller cracks I'll use a smaller router tip and go 1and a half plys depth. The boat trailer has a floor so we can carry all the camping gear, sail bag etc. Yes under all that some where is a collapsable kitchen sink. The sailbox lid/p
  9. Thanks Pirate, this is exactly the sort of information I am chasing. The compressor actually came with a gravity feed spray gun so I guess I'll give that a go first up. I have a sawdust collection system under my circular saw table so have plenty to work with. My bog is Bote cote epoxy and micro balloons or sawdust. I took some photos yesterday which I'll post tomorrow. Family duties won't let me get anything done today but will involve a trip to Cairns and paint shops. SWMBO and forward hand is still coming up with a colour scheme but I have to keep reminding her that Zebra stripes and fancy
  10. Hi Everyone, Just dropping a line to let you know that this former Cobra sailor is getting back into sailing. I have left a topic on the shed forum about the repairs but thought I would say giday here as well. This is the 3rd cobra I have owned. The first was a fibreglass one built by Colin Ball in Bowen. My partner at the time would get sea sick in a mill pond and it was a fair hike to Bowen so it was sold. During my midlife crisis I found a new partner who doesn't get seasick and introduced her to sailing. Needless to say we bought a secondhand wooden Cobra shortly after. Had many
  11. Hi everyone, I have pulled my timber Cobra out of it's former life as a mobile storage shelf and now that I have a better work life balance, I am in the process of fixing up the issues and rejoining the local sailing club. The last time I did this I ended up running with just the high build as the paint job. The boat is I think is a Darryl Beattie built boat once called Tightrope. She is now known as SBNPJ (same boat new paint job). Main issue is cracks in the outer layers of the ply. The inside of the boat was treated with epoxy so the inside layer of the ply is in
  12. Hi guys, Thank you for your response. I appreciate both your points of view. The cobra I have is close to minimum racing weight of 77kg so I can actually pick it up by the dolphin striker with the crew holding on to a rear toe strap to balance. I am confident working with wood so happy doing the repairs. The last wooden cobra I had broke in half on the port hull just ahead of the main beam. I repaired it and had it back on the water in a fortnight. The boats I am currently starting to research are in the 4 figure bracket so a few hundred getting a couple more years
  13. Hi everyone, i go by the handle of MacandRita because that is who we are. I read in a forum somewhere of several cat sailors who own another bigger vessel namely large trailer sailor. We were in the same boat until recently when we owned 2 multihulls. A Cobra racing cat and a Farrier 720 trimaran. I took the Tri to the Tinaroo May Day regatta once where it was rechristened from Moonshadow to Wind shadow. Nothing got past us on the leeside when we had the assemtrical spinnaker up. We also did 3 weeks in the Whitsundays. Sadly I have spent the last 2 weeks pulling the rotten r
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