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  1. Ive been considering the idea of a trade if you're interested? Haven't Had a chance to give you a call yet and will probably need you to convince me a bit more about it beig manageable single handed cat rigged or with jib furler. Would a trade interest you at all with cash adjustment? cheers jack.
  2. Is the 5.8 impossible to handle 1 up? The 16 reacts really well when over powered can come back from almost vertical just by heading up.
  3. Well ideally Id like what I advertised it for after putting new lights on the trailer and a few new bits and pieces on it. But make me an offer if you like and we can take it from there.
  4. Well it's listed there at $3900. Feel free to make me an offer or I can arrange to let you take it out if you like. As above Im based in Canberra and the boat lives at the yacht club rigged and ready. As far as trades go 5.8 is probably a bit big for what Im after Im afraid.
  5. Not as of yet no, are you interested in buying or trading?
  6. Thanks for all the useful input guys and I may give you a call too Jim. I'm in Canberra and don't know of too many other Nacras on the lake here so definitely useful to know that they are comparable to other 14s new and old and the odd badly sailed 16 as thats likely my competition. There are a few boats in wollongong but no 4.5s or 430s to my knowledge. While Id like a Spinnaker it is more likely to come down to what's cost effective and becomes available second hand in NSW, sounds like a 4.5 might still be a good option for me but unfortunately Im not in the market for a brand new boat. Il
  7. Interesting, doesnt seem like too many people on here have 430s. For reference I raced on a maricat for a few years about 8 years back and currently own a 16 square Im thinking of getting rid of for a 4.5 or 430. Maricats were fun and all but I never felt like I *needed* a trapeze, nor did I have that almost out of control feeling. And the 16square is something like 150-175kg plus the mast is massive to put up. Just cant get the kind of speed out of a beat up mari as you can out of a nacra so definitely not looking to go there or to the windrush. Was hoping to hear the newer sails/rudder/hull
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, does a kite on the 4.5 put it on pace with a 430 off the breeze or have you not had much to do with 4.5 spin kits? I'm currently on a 16 Square and rigging single handed is no easy task and I feel a jib would make low breeze tacking way easier. Also was out Sunday with my 40kg Golden Retriever, he doesn't handle the sweeper sail too well haha.
  9. Doing a bit of market research and was keen to hear from people who have owned the things. Am curious which one is better performance wise, speed, handling what have you of the 4.5 vs the 430? Notable differences? Pros and Cons either way? Any input is appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Hey Warren mate there's 2 4.5s on Gumtree at the moment. An older one in Buderim and a newer looking one in Port Douglas. Bloke in port Douglas was going to trade me for my 16sq but the distance was to far (29hour drive) to make it work sight unseen so if you do end up picking it up and want to onsell out of the shop in Brisbane I assume? Then I would be interested.
  11. Interested in trading for a 16 square plus cash? Am located in Canberra could meet you in Melbourne and exchange? Cheers. Jack.
  12. Interested in trading for a 16 square plus cash? Am located in Canberra could meet you in Melbourne and exchange? Cheers. Jack.
  13. 1989 16 Square with registered 2 year old Aluminium trailer, new LED lights on trailer and new winch. Recently had hulls resprayed and touched up. Beach Rollers, square top and pin top main in good condition, Rudders and boards in good nic, Hull and paint job dry and in good nick, Price $3900 ono all inclusive ready to sail. Would prefer to trade for Nacra 4.5, Sport or Adventurer, preferably with Spinnaker kit. Or Nacra 430 or similar. Open to negotiate additional cash to make up trade value. Located in Canberra but will travel for pickup.
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