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  1. Hey mate, how's the trimaran coming along? Here's some pics of mine on Duckworks Magazine. http://duckworksmagazine.com/2017/01/the-duck-pond-26-january-2016/ Still have a couple of small mods to do before putting it into the water
  2. I'm looking for a mainsail, jib and screecher for a 6m custom tri project using a 14ft Hobie mast. Like most diy projects I'm balancing to keep costs low while still having a finished product that looks and sails great. Here's a side on view of my own design I've called the RUDI 6.0... I've been quoted $1500 for a mainsail, $1000 for a jib and $1500 for a screecher for new sails from my local sailmaker (Gosford, NSW). Before I fork out that kind of cash I want some 2nd hand sails to check the rigging arrangement, sailing ability etc. If you know o
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