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  1. Darcy, Do you have an epo blade available? Cheers, Carl
  2. Totally agree but in this part in question any isolation of the carbon will greatly reduce the strength of the fitting as it is the stainless carrying the load.....the isolation becomes the weak link. Seems to me that the same high grade marine stainless throughout would be stronger.
  3. Why do you think carbon fibre will completely stop this corrosion? Suggest you do a Google search for carbon fibre and metal corrosion....the results might surprise.
  4. Hi Steve, Yes still have it. In Hobart Tasmania. Cheers, Carl
  5. Hobie 14 or 16 rudder blade ABS in good condition $15. Willing to send COD within Australia.
  6. Looking to buy a good condition foam sandwich construction only Windrush on the east coast (or the west if you have an economical way to get it to Melbourne!). Cheers Hear of anything please get in touch.
  7. Matt...that would not have been light on the hip pocket! Please note: all now sold. Cheers, Carl
  8. Hi Matt, Only have silver ones left. Located Hobart Tasmania but happy to post and each comes complete with rudder pin. Cheers, Carl
  9. Have a number of lower rudder castings suit Hobie 14 or 16 available for sale. $25 each... all in good condition. Cheers, Carl 0409236391
  10. Hi Matt, Looks like a Capercat...but not a great photo so hard to tell. Cheers, Carl
  11. Hi, I have a almost new tramp. for sale. Price is $100 Cheers, Carl 0409236391
  12. Tony, So is your Windrush a bulkhead model? Reason I ask is from around sail number 4950 ish they had a policy of any colour your like so long as it is white! An interesting Windy you have there indeed. Pre bend on the pole can be good but be warned that if it fails it may not give any indication until it explodes! At least you can see it bending too much without pre-bend and quickly furler if stressed. With my windsurfer mast I also thought I would need to pre-bend, but it has never bent much at all. Please post some more pictures once that re-cut is done.
  13. If that pole bends too much you might need a mini dolphin striker added to it. That is the advantage of the old wind surfer mast...most are really stiff. I take it your windy isn't really sail number 6131 and that is a refit main sail from another boat? Cheers, Carl
  14. Tony, Any chance of some pictures with it furled? Interesting your observations about up to 10 knots because that is my conclusion with my own boat which is not a Windrush . I take it partly furled didn't work ie. too bad a sail shape? Cheers, Carl
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