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  1. I'm hoping I won't fatigue as much in the noble, having the wing seats keeping of the water, and a dry bum
  2. Yeah I tried all sorts of sheeting angles didn't recut sail, just enjoy it. I've done a few crazy adventure long distance day sails with it. Dongara to Geraldton, 65kms, dongara to Keenan, about 80kms. Port Geographe to Augusta about 150km 2 days sailing around cape Natraliste and cape lewin. Amazing stuff with support boat solo. Next project is hobie 17 super sport, with furling code 0 and a asymmetric kite in a chute..... New adventures to begin
  3. Hi I have a hobbie 17 sport that i need beams for. wouild anyone have any parts laying around or know where I might be able to find some. Thanks in advance
  4. The sheet runs from side stay to code 0 to side stay and i can flaten it right of. Note the jib and spinaker cleats
  5. So the new boat foam sandwich hulls std jib, main and furling 16m2 furling code 0. With fishing rod holders lol. Biggest secret suport underneath the bowsprit with wire bridge to keep it straight and 32mm 3mm wall spreader bar between front hulls. If you cant keep the code 0 stay straight it doesnt make any power to windward. It is the most important thing. Furling is also a pain in the butt if you cant keep front stay straight I made a lightweight spinaker pole out of ali with stay quick clips. When not in use clip on side stay and push up clip on again. Todays sail sub 10kn
  6. Our next project will be a 16 to 18 ft trimaran. windy 14 hulls for outriggers and a planing hull for the centre that we will build out of foam sandwich. Shallow long dagger board. got a carbon fibre mast of a skiff and sails. It will be a fast boat, need it in the water for the around carnac island race from jervious bay in about 9 months. looking for a trophy
  7. ok biggest wind ive pulled the sail out in is about 18knots, mast still ok, i was toying with the idea of a second set of side stays as I have the gear laying around to do that. mast is raked as per super sloop. 1 thing i am going to do is put a spreader bar underneath the bowsprit to get the flex out of it. I just used a bit of 30mm diameter 3mm wall std ali pipe. will take more picsw later in the week just need to finish putting boat back together. got tied up yesterday, my dad found a foam sandwich windy with a second mast and mylar sails for $550 what a bargain. I really
  8. ok bit flat out today, but the pic above shows a sail with to much belly. No good for up to the wind. when i ordered my sail i stipulated the depth 20cm from memory this way I can go hard on the wind while still getting the bow lift from having the leech shorted than the luff. Got uni assignment to finish today, putting boat together tommorow
  9. Ok, I had to go back to the drawing board and build another boat, one reason or another i gave the old eagle back to the bloke I bought it of. My new windy is a barn find, Foam sandwich non bulkhead model 14ft windrush $100 needed a mast. Thanks to facebook and peoples generosity, it now has a hobie 14ft cat mast and 2 secondhand mylar mainsails of a 14ft racing skiff. 1 square top, one normal. havent found a jib yet, but dont know whether id bother with std one more likeley to buy new 6m2 one for 200 from china. I had to make a new tramp and hopefully will be back int the wa
  10. Idea is to get to sail to then perfect shape to use as light wind genoa and bow lift(which it does well), then send it back to china and get them to make a few more for fellow club members as i believe 4 boats makes a racing class. And if anyone else wants them to suit a windy i can give them contact details. Saturday morning is 10 to 12 knot easterly till lunch perfect wind conditions. so i get a good idea on what the re-cut sail does
  11. You can crank it flat heading windward and the boat speed is awesome, just the shity cut on the back
  12. yeah i have it is a real apparent stuff up. sail was ment to be a light wind genoa, all the sail sits well accept the last 6 inches just flaps in the wind no matter how its sheeted or what dirrection you are headed according to the wind.
  13. its pretty rigid a 3mm stay from front to back will make it pretty strong. But yeah point taken. I always knew i was going to have to address strength as im not just using it for downwind.
  14. No that is its sail number. Shes a pretty special old boat with history. It was made to promote windrush sales overseas. It spent quite a bit of time on display in England and USA. Then in storage. Story has it that it was made for the manifacturers dad who was an avid West Coast Eagles supporter. The sail is getting a bit old now and its not the normal one I use, but i used it on the first few days out as it is a bit "pretty" compared to the Orange one i normaly use. For the sprit i was just going to put a 4 or 5" high stand pointing down directly below sta
  15. weather dependant, will be making GO Pro video next weekend, with a couple of boats out to show difference in boat speed
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