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  1. HI, I realise it's free and has no ads and I appreciate that, but I think it's easier if I just build a facebook page.
  2. I read a lot about dyneema before I started. Apparently if you bend it tighter than 5x the rope diameter, in this case 4mm/20mm it loses a signifigant % of its strength due to strand breakage. Having said that I think the rope is so strong strength is probably not an issue in a small boat like this and I could have used normal thimbles. If I had thought I'd probably to to 5mm to be safe. The rope weighs nothing but the thimbles are HEAVY! so with 5 mm rope and normal pressed stainless thimbles it would weigh less overall and have a larger margin of safety. Cost would be sim
  3. Thank you for the comments. I've not gotten to the rudders yet. That camcleat will work fine but so too will shock cord, which I can also tune by moving the knot. Yes I looked at those. I'm still deciding whether to go for a telescopic or fixed extension. There are cheap telescopic handles in bunnings for paint rollers, about $25 or something...I've got a few old handles around the house so I'm thinking I might just rig one of those see how it goes and make a decision from there... It already has a vang and it anchors on the mast, so rotation isn't affected. I was j
  4. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eraring/sail-boats/catamaran-hulls/1140639147 Unbelievable. No one has seen one before and now a second one for sale...
  5. Yes I can add clips. The existing tiller extensions are only about 18" long and not telescopic, so they are virtually useless anyway. There are holes in teh middle, I assume it had a proper extension previously but a DPO has changed it to a system that doesn't work Thank you for the suggestion though..
  6. There will be installments No I'm afraid not. Many speculated but nothing panned out. It looks more like a prindle than anything else but they never made anything that small, at least that I can find a record of. While the hulls are asymetrical they are not like a prindle or hobie with a near flat outer and sharp keel, they are more like caper cat hulls that have been turned out. The boat is only 1.6 wide. It was apparent during my short and ill fated sail that I'll need to get right up near the mast sometimes to balance it. Even if I could fit a .8 - .9 meter extens
  7. Ok so things crawled to a halt due to rope lost in the mail. Finally my heavy duty close end thimbles arrived from germany. I bought from: http://www.yacht-steel.com/english.html, or possibly their associated company http://www.nauticnorm.com. It isn't clear to me how it all works but maybe yacht steel is for large quantities and the other is for small orders. Anyway they were by far the cheapest including shipping. About $47 for 14 thimbles, and I can see why these are so expensive. Each is a big hunk of stainless beautifully made. I
  8. Just a quick update. I've had trouble getting my bits to re rig the boat (in the mail) so haven't been able to go sailing. I have however been able to weight it. The hulls connecting structure rudders main sheet tramp everything except the rig is 44 kg. I have not weighed the mast boom and sail but the mast is a very small section. When I start putting things right I'll put up progress in the shed section, assuming anyone is interested.
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. Kulacat: Everything cheap or interesting is always either caboolture or the GC or WA.... I don't know how fussed I am on what looks like a small single access to the locker ? Hobbyhorsing was a problem with the 14, not a big deal but annoying. The biggest thing I wanted to do to mine is put on a forward net. Those rare occasions when I needed to go forward at sea were an absolute pain. I couldn't hang on to the forestay until I got to the forward beam so it was just luck I didn't lose my balance while on the hull. Anyway I mi
  10. Oh my goodness, it's just like a 14 only longer! Yes I saw Matt15's posts on the kulacat. I'd like to see if anyone has sailed both. As you say the caper was built well and heavy, the kula looks to have been a lighter boat with less rocker and finer hulls. Maybe I should put a wanted ad on gumtree see if I can flush out a CC18 How would you feel about me using your photo ?
  11. Thank you for your comments. I have 3 14' mains I can cut down, 2 maricat which are quite tired and a hobie. I had planned to break out my sewing machine and try to remember how to use it, cutting down one of the maricat sails. If I muck it up no loss...but I thought I'd post on gumtree just in case. The arafura cadets went to a big head sail recently so there is a small possibility those racing them might have pin head sails they want to ditch. I'd love to see a caper 18, heard of them never seen one. I loved my 14, never flew a hull which for me was a
  12. It's odd no one else went down that path. I read the kulacat thread. So they were made at Southport. Hm. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for any forsale. I don't suppose you know how they sail compared to a caper cat ? When you say port hatch are you talking about 6" inspection ports ? Thank you for the reply.
  13. Telf: Thank you for the comments. Often hard to part with something you've owned for a long time. Matt15: By poor performance do you mean speed or ability to windward ? I had a caper cat for years and while it was terribly limited in so many ways it is probably my favorite boat of all time. I've not previously paid much attention to the other brands of beach cat, my main interest is bigger boats, and I now find it all a bit bewildering.
  14. Hi all, I am curious what other beach cats had lockers in the hulls. I had a caper cat and am aware of a calypso that had them. Apparently there is a nacra and a hobie with them. Any others I don't know about ? I always thought they were a great addition to the caper cat. Probably sold a lot of boats and helped them get the cult following they enjoy.
  15. Thank you for replying. I was just curious. Seemed awfully cheap. Oddly I've had people throwing 14' stuff at me but no useful responses to my gumtree ad for a 12' mainsail. Obviously 14' cats are more common, but also probably more sought after ? Anyway... Glad you resolved it.
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