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  1. Selling a Maricat 4.3 Mk1 with Mk2 rear beam. Has new rudders and tramp, new stays and all new ropes. Comes with registered trailer. I renovated the boat last summer, but am moving interstate. The pictures with the sails are the old stays as the new stays are longer for a raked mast. Also includes several parts including a 2nd mast, spare boom, spare rudders. Also includes jib, so can be set up in both cat and sloop configurations. If interested PM me or leave a comment below.
  2. Thanks Darcy. I will check that on the weekend when I rig the boat for the first time with the new stays etc.
  3. I have just finished the conversion and wanted to share my photos... Before, During and Completed.
  4. Thanks Darcy. I will give you a call in the next couple of days.
  5. Hello I am wanting to know if anyone has any photos of modifying a Mk1 to take a Mk2 rear beam that they could please post here? Cheers D
  6. Hello, I have a maricat that has a soft spot on top of one of the decks, about 30cm round and about 30cm in front of the front beam. The rest of the hulls/ decks seem fine. I am wanting to know if anyone has repaired something like this before without putting in an inspection port. It is not the gelcoat lifting, but rather a 'spongy' fibreglass feel. Pointed Reply thought that it may have suffered from something landing on it (mast or tree branch etc). I am now working out if it is worth repairing...
  7. Is it possible to get a photo of what a grinded mast step looks like? I would hate to cut back too much!
  8. Thanks guys. I will give you a call today or over the weekend Pointed Reply. Yes Lake Albert is very ordinary at the moment...
  9. Hi all, I recently acquired a Mk1 and Mk2 maricat. I am based in Wagga and to cut a long story short, a farmer was downsizing houses and basically said that if I wanted one of his boats, I had to take both. They also came with new rudders, and complete rudder system, new tramp, new rubber for the hulls and a couple of other parts. The previous owner had both boats with the intention of doing thgem up and racing with his son. The Mk1 has already had the hulls patched and repainted by the previous owner, however all other hardware is dated. The Mk2 however has not had anything done to
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