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  1. Thanks again Pointed Reply. Really appreciate the info!
  2. Thanks a lot Pointed Reply! Yes those are exactly what im trying to get my hands on. I have tried to email Mick however have not had a reply. Do you have a email or other contact? Cheers
  3. Hi All, NZ Mari sailer. Had the boat for a while but only just got it ready for the water after a year of re-building and fettling. First sail out before xmas and pitchpoled it with the old man. To much wind and not enough talent. Was a hoot. I know this has been answered a few times but im after current thoughts and contact details. My Mari has the original rudder lever/lock things on it and although they are in good nik they are not working the best and also offer me zero adjustment outside off all up or all down. I sail a bit in the local harbour and the first 200m is prett
  4. Thanks Yes we have replaced the bolt with a stainless domed pin, as per standard. Ok maybe ill do the same thing for my downhaul, will be an easy and tidy solution. One more thing, I need to put a swage on the main halyard to clip into the jam at the top of the mast, it currently does not have one and we were locking the halyard at the bottom of the mast, do I want to set it so the main is as high as it will go on the mast? Like the shackle just short of the pulley? Cheers
  5. Hahaha fair enough. Ill see what the sail repair crowd say. Maybe its buggered and it will be a new sail. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hi again Pointed Reply. Picking up on this thread. What do you use the swivel cleats at the bottom of our mast for? I am needing to find a way to attach my down haul as the attachment point that is usually part of the cap (the cast part that sits into the mast step) on the end of the mast is broken off on mine (see photo above). Someone has attached some hounds to act as mounting points for the don haul and the vang but they are not in good shape. I am wondering if I could use a swivel cleat off to the side for the down haul? Cheers
  7. Thanks again Pointed Reply. I have measured my current sail and it is very different. The luff is shorted and the leech is much longer. I have noted that it has a stamp on it from a sail maker here in NZ, I looked into the company and they shut down in the 90's. I can only assume that the sail was made as a rough copy of an original style sail. I am taking it to a local sail maker tomorrow to get them to repair a small tear where a batten meets the luff. I am going to ask them if cutting the foot of the sail to be 150mm higher is an option. If not I will get them to put another
  8. Thanks a lot for that Pointed Reply Is that an old or new type sail? Judging by the angle of the foot I assume it is a new type? And with that you run more mast rake? Cheers
  9. Hi all. Maricat 4.3 owner from New Zealand here. Bit of a random question but I am trying to find a diagram or drawing for the main sail on a Maricat. We are having problems making the sail we have fit, it seams to be too long and the boom barely clears the rear beam when it’s rigged. It does not have any Maricat like markings or logos on it and we believe it is potentially not the even close to being correct. It might be an “old type” sail and i know you can get an eyelet put in to raise the clew 150mm up on the leach to lift the boom, but I’m still not convinced the sail is go
  10. Thanks again Pointed Reply. I will endeavour to rig my main the same. I would be keen to see a photo of how the job connects to the mast. Mine is obviously wrong. Couple of photos of the ends of the mast. Looks like the base was either a different cap thing in it or it has had part of it broken off. you can see the straps that have been added to connect the down haul and the vang. You can also see the bolt that has been used in place of the proper pin to sit in the mast step. I guess the best option is to try and replace this cap? Thanks again.
  11. Thanks again. Ah yes that was our first mistake. Using the forestays. So you just remove them when you are sloop rigged? I guess that would fix our problem with those stays banging when we sailed it. I’m pretty positive my jib did not have wire attaching it to the mast. We had a rope going through a pulley that we tied off at the base of the mast. I assume this is not correct?.... There is a wire bridal that come off each bow and attached to the job furler. I will check the measurements. I did wonder about the job sheet blocks. I’ll get a better photo.
  12. This is the only photo I have of the back beam at the moment.
  13. Hi Team, Thank you both for you replys. It one of those situation where the boat is not stored where I live so I will work on photos tonight. I have a couple of not-so-helpful photos from when we brought it but nothing up close to show detail. The boat is sloop rigged. It has a furling Jib at the front. From the description we assume it is a MK1 as it has a seperate traveler track. We also have some issues with this as it looks like some integral parts in the middle of the rear beam have been removed/broken and they had attached cheap cleats at the ends of the traveler bar to
  14. Hi All, Newbie from New Zealand just brought a Mari 4.3. Not a lot of these over here and I don't seam to be finding much in the way of local info or parts. So I turn to you wise poeple. I picked it up in Lake Taupo in NZ of a guy who picked it up of a guy, who picked it up off a guy and so on and so fourth. After doing its first beach rigging and then a short sail in light winds I have some questions. Im sure you have all read this a million times and your first response may well be "use the bloody search bar!" however I have some general and more finite questions s
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