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  1. Thanks darcy, I'm in Geelong and the Mari is about an hour away so measuring is tricky at the moment. I found another avenue that I am following up at the moment. Cheers
  2. Nacra probably did but a spare nacre sail is probably just as scarce.
  3. Thanks, was hoping to find and old dacron sail lying in an old sail box in a barn somewhere. With the 4.8 loose foot the dimensions are critical and to have a sail recut is worth more than the boat. If no luck I might drop it at the tip and sell the trailer and beach rollers separately!
  4. Hi all, I was given a Mari 4.8 but the sail is missing. Way back when I purchased my first 4.8 I chose to have a sail done by Greg Goodall, as they were the only way to go! Plenty followed and purchased the Goodall sail and used that, rather than the Maricat Blue or Gold Dacron sail. I ended up winning the Nationals at Portarlington back in 1985/6 on a borrowed 4.8 with a gold Dacron sail in the end (the last Mari 4.8 titles held). Now at the age of 63, I wonder if I get hold of a sail and put this thing on the water, I can still fly a hull. Bit hard to do with my 38' Lagoon I currently
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