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  1. cheers for the help, Mixed results to report; I fixed a tiller joint, (it ain't pretty but i hope to soon be going fast enough that no one will notice) I attempted to go for a sail on the Tweed river last Sunday but i didn't even raise the mast. She slipped off the trailer fine and she sure did look pretty by the waters edge at the boat ramp.. That's where things went south. An hour in, i realised that because i wasn't on level ground i was fighting a losing battle getting the mast up. I came close but when i had almost upright i dropped a D-shackle pin in the
  2. Woo hoo!! Sail goes up.. Sail goes down. Many thanks. ? This morning i only have a few hours before work so I'm going to tackle the rudder gear. The ropes have rotted and I've got a broken black-elbow thinga-majig on the steering. i spotted a page thread here on how to repair them cheaply.
  3. Gday all, Newbie here.. I bought a unloved old maricat to restore and learn as i go. I know no one in this hobby, i taught myself the basics of sailing last year in a mirror boat. I'm attempting to erect the maricat mast but can't work out what i have, what needs replacing and what I'm missing. My first problem is that the mast has two plastic-covered wire cables attached and another two in the travel box. Of the four, two are long, two are short - which pair of cables attach to the d-shackles on the bows? Apologies if this seems an obvious quest
  4. Gday Darcy, Are you still selling Mari parts? I bought a maricat today. I'm not sure if it's mk1 or mk2 Old coloured sail and hull say number 1988. Thanks in advance.
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