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  1. Yes 1953 was a good year. I'm away from home for the next week and so measurements will have to wait. I haven't sailed the cat yet. If you have any knowledge about the cats design history or manufacturers I'd like to know more about it. Probably go for a sail in two weeks time.
  2. Hi BJ. Thanks for your opinion regarding my"APOLLO" Good luck finding help. I''m in remote Northern Australia offshore working on an Island. Hence my interest in sailing but I can't be of much help from here.
  3. Thanks BJ I'll check out the post. See the new photo that supports the Apollo suggestion. I'd like to learn more about Apollo Cats.
  4. I recently acquired this Cat. 6m length. Beam 1.95m centre to centre of hulls. I have no idea what make it is. There are no identification markings on it. Mainsail has APOLLO on it. Number on stern is IT746Q. Perhaps a registration number.
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