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  1. Thanks Darcy1945, ideally i would like to sail a Hobie 16, my mainconcern is righting it one handed in light air. Does your club have a range of boats that may suit. Also, if you know of any good boats on the market, let me know. Appreciate your reply. Thanks,
  2. I have just joined the forum. need some feedback on a good cat for me. I grew up sailing Hobie 16's, Windrush 14's and a Bobcat. Now 56 and reasonably fit. Wondering what catamaran to buy to sail on Lake Macquarie. I will be wanting a cat for mainly one up sailing with the occasional sail with 2 on board. I'm 105kg and want to ensure that whatever i get can be righted by one person. I want at least one trapize and something fast and competitive to race if i want to join a club. So far i am thinking a Windrush 14, Hobie 14 Turbo or a Hobie 16. I am unfamilier with the Nacra range. Any feedback
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