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  1. I just bought a Hobie 18.. Haven't used vessel yet love this idea I saw on YouTube.. The mast raises from pivot forward hence the forestay tensions the lift. On YouTube a brilliant guy placed a tube perpendicular to mast at mast pivot and fed the lift via the radius of tube thus torquing the lift from lay. I intend to build a righting pole which cups the mast pivot and slots a feed line on other end.. As mast nears vertical, the pole can drop out having done job yet during job pressure will hold system together. Much like a torque pole leading tension of Guy pole clew
  2. I meant Milang.. Best of luck. I don't know the race. Reads like fun. Races there continent side of the dunes read like fun. I don't know the waters. The Stingray has swing boards. The A class is dagger but no need of crew. Realm is helm, let the wind overwealm. Looks like lovely shallow protected waters, I've seen daggers smashed due to high bed slaughters. I'd be happy soon learning that place to giddy up a good pace. You beauty.. Finally an affordable cat pair, ashore too long. Thanx catsailors, if I hadn't read into it I'd probably have kept going at a larger
  3. Anyway... Anyone know where I may obtain a copy of Stingray class rules please? He looks like a nice vessel.. Needs a tidy..99% sure I'll be allowed to garage the beast. 'You don't buy a boat, you purchase the option to upkeep a vessel'..I read that from a cruiser and unlike a boat; if a car breaks down you don't have to swim ashore. Do nationals attract much fleet? I don't mind thinking I'll repair via 2 of 3 method.. Time, quality, cost.. Choosing time and quality. Has minor issues.. Might as well hang off until certain of class rules. Fix once, fix properly.
  4. Good luck with Goolwa to Meningie race madboutcats. I like your video. Nice 2. 99% sure my plan follows yet if 1% out.. Something similar. Internet like sailing anyway.. HTTP heel turn thrust pitch. Zero 3 and use the rest.. I like how you guys heel the seas. Trailer issues doesn't seem to be such. Looking at piggybacking an A class smiley traveler eight one advantage lightweight with above Stingray below. Once home, Stingray gets ceiling and a year to mildly modify.. Maybe +1 crew and next years Goolwa-Meningie. Maybe family /friends like 5 minute lift out way and lowe
  5. $4200.. A really nice bike. Non restricted model. 350kmph speedo. Yet handles twisties superbly. I have no use. Well cared.
  6. I've noticed some use traditional screw method to trace a triple block pair into a 6:1 advantage. We pull at 90degrees as shown. Eliminates system torque and keeps system tidy. Same advantage without the twisting motion. If home time includes using the blocks to hoist, will hoist straight up rather than turn. Easy to trace and set up and without torque during use it is very reliable at close haul and line length. Getting a boat soon, so frighteningly happy, you're welcome, will work on the river race next year.
  7. I like water too. A uniform mass. Water is like air with uniformity; easy paths. If I can find a ball to fit to mast tip, that'll better airflow. Better yet worse. Or better to my use would be two buoyancy bouys with a wind vane on top. True or apparent? Anyway, thanx mbc, I'm out, it was my catsized cap moment. I lied. Went to pick up, issues with trailer rego, I'll find another boat. Simply couldn't get a permit at 0700 on a Sunday while there in Melbourne. I love how in front of the sails leading edge flows a channel with more energy than the sails catch.
  8. Self righting monos is a bit misleading. The Dragon will sink if capsized; open cockpit, high wall rim seat. Only came close once. Race became gale. My forehand was 6'9 yet really agile a moment. At bottom can, the chute door was opened, the spinnaker retrieved into hull, coming around into beat we watched him race forward, seal hatch and hug mast as bow buried and deck flood covered his legs and some torso. She'd handle full sail in light gale hence gonna wale submersion never really bothered us much. She'd take a foot under and too long to story. I want a crew soon.
  9. righting pole sorted. Will build width to fit. Shouldn't be a hassle. Thanx. ☺️
  10. Thank mbc, I read you owned a Stingray. I've never righted a cat. Only ever pushed self righting mono hulls. 'FatBoySlim' won't see water until November, maybe October. Small vandalism issues to seaworthy. Tilt, turn, thrust; torques sail craft. I'll learn the Stingray later but know I'll go swimming. I am looking at training wheels such as foam or ping pong ball captivity in spar plus a couple of 2 litre empty milk bottles in lue of a cock on the tip. I'd have thought that a stand on leeward board into a hang from windward stay would weight the windward hull and sail the tra
  11. I bought 'FatBoySlim' Stingray Pick up soon. I'll probably ballast to suit 1 up and seek allowance to race at Largs. I think they can a 16foot skiff, Sharpies, Fireballs. Plus if day long enough can always camp and cruise. Fairway beacon about 7 mile out, long sand ledge north of that . That's an awesome spot. Usually a reach with a running swell. Bigger sharks from depth surf there. Dolphins from shallows play too. I like it. Wouldn't want a bang stick due to a catsized cap there though. About half depth of spar. Anyway.. Done my lies about catsized caps.. Fou
  12. I think I've luffed much of your times. Thanx. Taken advice. Seeking 1 man cat. Probably won't cruise. Just coast run and river hits of speed. Found an A class without trailer. Any trailers for sale to suit? Adelaide. Nathan
  13. Seeking advice. Stingray. Do they behave ok with 1 man? Rigging, sea kindliness, derigging. Ditto with Cobra. Seen them advertised too. Seeking a quick easy launch sail boat. Cats tick a lot of boxes. Most life expectancy is.. A quick launch cat single handed. Local coast days. Race and/or cruise. Inexperienced crew if crewed probable. On it to have fun. I like rough weather. I haven't on her. Will be a while before I learn catsize techniques, etc. Currently I've seen a Cobra and a Stingray at around $1000. Happy to seaworthy a season
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