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  1. Hello I just recently bought a maricat. I was polishing the hulls the other day and noticed that it used to have decals with the unfortunate name of "Skid Marks". Wondering if anyone out there knows the history of this boat as the bloke I bought it off had no idea. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Darcy. I will definitely give you a call when the wife gives me the green light. Cheers Anthony
  3. Thanks for that. I'm from Brisbane
  4. Hello my name is Anthony and I just purchased a maricat. The sail number is 1286. I'm guessing that means it's pretty old. Just wondering if anyone can give my an accurate age as the bloke I bought it off had no idea. I will most likely require a better main sail in the future as 1286 is looking a little tired. Can anyone help direct me with this. Cheers
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