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  1. I've sent you a private message about the details. Thanks for the tips! The chapter before these events in the story of my catamaran was splendid. I recall my last update was about getting her a new main sail - and what a main sail it is! Compared to the old and shapeless multicolored sail, this really "gave a new life" to the boat 😁 And since the "race-illegal" square top moves the center of effort just a tiny bit upwards, you really can fly the hull and seek the thrill at even lower wind speeds 😍 I'm looking forward into having her rigged for some more maricat fun.
  2. Hello! Due to an unfortunate mishap today my maricat is sad because she is lacking her mast step. And I'm devastated because I'm stranded ashore with her. I believe one of the rivets had worn out and snapped in a ~ 20 knot gust. The step had sunk long before I even realized what happened. You really can't trust even if the rivets looked good on the outside. Anyway I live in Northern Europe so I guess my best bet is to find a spare part online and have it shipped here. Has anyone had any success fitting a Hobie 14 step on a Maricat as those seem to be abundant even in this part of the
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