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  1. Thanks a heap for all those tips, I'll make sure to do them all before I take it back out on the water.
  2. Thanks for the help! There is no stingray moulded in the deck so I agree I have the older version. It is mostly just timber by the looks of it and very light. I have foam in the forward compartments and it looks like a bit of glass along the flat bottom of the aft hulls. A repair job also added some glass to the deck where the trampoline attaches and had pulled a few screws out. I measured the mast at 27ft. I am around 90kg and my usual crew is around 80kg. We sail the Tin Can Inlet and will venture up the Great Sandy Straits which gets pretty breezy but is generally small fetch so pretty
  3. Hi Mitchell, I am about to put Stingray #445 back in the water. Tin Can Bay, Qld. You don't have any manuals or rigging specs by any chance? Cheers, Josh
  4. Hello sailors, I have a Stingray that I have finally fixed up and hope to splash for the first time today. The rigging seems pretty solid and straight forward but as a fairly novice sailor, I was hoping to find a manual for this boat to make sure I have it set up optimally. Does such a thing exist? Or can anyone point me in the direction of a good source of Stingray specific information? The http://www.stingraycatamaran.com site is down, does anyone know if this is a permeant thing. Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Josh
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